So You Think You Can Dance: Meet the Top 11...Or...Not

Last year, So You Think You Can Dance used one episode to introduce us to all of the season's contestants by having them dance in their own genre of choice.  It was a rousing success, and ergo Auntie Nigel and the rest decided to repeat the exercise with a few more pats on the back for themselves and with a few more  

During last night's episode, I didn't find myself getting excited for the newbies like Alexie and Billy, but instead I spent most of my time wondering if Neil was going to be in the particular routine and then when he inevitably turned out not to be dancing, I focused instead on remembering that there are more All-Stars than Neil and that I like Mark, Pasha, and Ade just as much.  
In fact, I want them to just ix-nay everyone else from the competition and keep Neil, Pasha, Ade, and Mark around to dance for me.  OK, Twitch can stay too.  And Dom, if he promises never to talk to Cat again.
Here's how the lovefest of dance went down:

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  • Great recap. Kent was really the only contestant that got me remotely psyched for this season...but Neil. DEAR, SWEET, SEXY NEIL!!! *swoon*

    "I can be a freak for Neil." (Sorry...too easy and it was a given.)

    I'm confident that my husband is not prepared for another summer love affair with that man. If loving him is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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