How 'The View' Is Driving Whoopi Goldberg Into Madness

Whoopi in the bath

Full Disclosure: I DVR The View everyday.  I put it on after the young'ns go down for their nap and watch it while I drink my mojitos and smoke my cigars (AKA eat lunch and catch up on the grand soap opera that is The Internet).  I like to nod my head in agreement with Joy (while groaning after every tired punchline), smack my head in befuddlement at what comes out of Sherri's mouth, and bang my head against the wall every time Elisabeth says pretty much anything at all.

When Whoopi Goldberg started on the show back in the days just after Rosie O'Donnell went off the rails, she was like a breath of fresh air.  Whoopi was somewhat apolitical.  She was unimpressed by the parade of loser guests who made their way onto the show (Hello, Speidi and the Jersey Shore "people").  She didn't try to pretend to be Just Like Us, because she's not.  She's been a celebrity for years, has more money than anyone should ever need to have, pals around with known Top Model judges, and she's a freaking EGOT winner for goodness' sake!
But The View has been getting to Whoopi as of late.  Her unsavory side is starting to show.  And what was at first endearing about her, has now become her biggest liability. 
Here's the what:
1. The Accents.  Whoopi has a habit of lapsing into a really tired Valley Girl accent that hasn't been fresh since Melanie Hutsell was on Saturday Night Live whenever reporting on something she finds beneath her or uncomfortable (which is a lot of stuff, believe me). 
2. The Roman Polanski: She called what he did to that young girl "not rape-rape."  Um, Whoops?  Statutory rape is rape-rape and Polanski pleaded guilty to it.
3. The Cigarettes: Whoopi is a smoker, and proud of it, which is fine.  However, it's not so fine to publicly pooh-pooh the Surgeon General's warning, plus years and years of research (saying you think that the dangers of smoking have been largely exaggerated), just to edify your conscience.
And now...

4. The Mel Gibson: Whoopi is always willing to stand up for the embattled celebrity, which might be nice, but also might be a little suspect, as the people she has defended as of late have been Roman Polanski, Chris Brown, and Mel Gibson.  I can kind of see her motivation.  She herself has been a celebrity for a long time.  She has had her less than stellar public moments.  She is vary wary of "The Man" who watches over all the good little celebrities.  But, when you find yourself repeatedly defending the actions of a rapist, an abuser, and abuser/racist/drunk/anti-semite respectively, you might want to take the time to consider your own actions.  Is she defending these men because they're friends of hers?  Maybe.  Is she defending them just to be contrary?  Possibly.  I think it's more about the fact that Whoopi identifies herself as a celebrity above all, and these guys with problems are her people.  Plus, Mel Gibson's been to her house!  How could he possibly be a racist?
And sometimes, restraining order or not, the victim is totally asking for it:

Methinks it might be time for Whoopi to retire and for The View to get to work ruining another beloved celebrity's reputation.  Is Betty White looking for a daytime talk show moderating gig?

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  • Completely agree!!! She seemed such a great balance at first but the valley girl schtick is old and I can't believe who she has defended, as you note above. Good post. I should just write "EXACTLY!!!!"

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    Thanks so much for the comment! The View has its hiatus coming up, so hopefully a few weeks off will do Whoopi some good.

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    haha. Great post! I watched the view when it first came on. Back when it inspired a man-view spin off. I can't remember what that was called. Did it involve Tony Danza? Anyway, I'm not sure how you put up with it every day. I loved Sheri when she first came on, but she slowly faded from hillarious, to a bit off, to totally nutzo. Elizabeth, no. Joy, it depends. Barb and Whoopi I like. Maybe they should change the premise and make the show: The Barb and Whoopi show, occasionally featuring Joy.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    And Mario Lopez and Dick Clark, I believe. I'm too lazy to Google or IMDB.

    Barbara's crazy too. They're all crazy. Meredith Viera and Lisa Ling got out of there just in time.

  • In reply to Ashby:

    Mel Gibson, in what PR folks are calling a terrible decision, is going to produce, direct, star and self-finance Braveheart 2: The Jews and Blacks Storm Malibu.

    Read this hilarious article about the movie.


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