Weekly Movie News Round-Up: May 3-7

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Here's what you may have missed:

(1) Chris Nolan's third Batman film hits theaters July 20, 2012.  Mark your calendars now.

(2) Spierig Brothers directing Power of the Dark Crystal.  How cool is this?  A sequel to The Dark Crystal nearly three decades after the first film was released.  The Spierig Brothers directed the futuristic vampire flick, Daybreakers, from earlier this year and have shown that they know how to wield a camera on a scrappy budget.  This sequel will be live action and in 3D, with Jim Henson puppets and minor CGI.  Already a must-see.

(3) X-Men: First Class gets a director and a release date.  Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Kick-Ass) is set to direct, which is interesting given the fact that he was supposed to direct X-Men 3 before dropping out at the last minute.  Seems like a step backwards for him, but after the disappointing box office of Kick-Ass, it's a safe bet.  Look for it on June 3, 2011.

(4) Steven Spielberg picks his next movie.  It's based on a book from 1982 called War Horse.  On paper it sounds kind of treacly: a story about a friendship between a boy and his horse during World War I.  At least the screenwriters show promise: Lee Hall (Billy Elliott) and Richard Curtis (Love Actually) are behind it.

(5) J.J. Abrams' secret trailer premieres in front of Iron Man 2.  Amazing that he was able to keep this under the radar.  Nobody knows for sure what it is, but it's called Super 8, JJ is directing, and it's about aliens.  Could this be the Spielberg homage I mentioned last week?  Not sure - all I know is that I want to see this right now.

(6) Stephen King's The Dark Tower moves ahead.  There was a time when Lost boys Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were going to make this their first post-Lost project.  Unfortunately for us, they droppped out, and now, hit-and-miss screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Time to Kill, Batman and Robin) is taking a stab at the script for Ron Howard to direct.  Not a fair trade if you ask me.

(7) Part 5s - one lives, one dies.  Hard.  Just as Sylvester Stallone was confirming that Rambo 5 is all but dead, word comes out that Fox has hired Skip Woods (Hitman, The A-Team) to start writing a Die Hard 5 script.  Say what you will about Live Free or Die Hard, but I would pay to see Bruce tackle John McClane again.

(8) Huge Weaving cast as villain Red Skull in Captain America.  Nice - Weaving is always a welcome presence in any movie, and should prove a worthy foil to Chris Evans' Captain America.

(9) Sam Rockwell joins Cowboys & Aliens.  Director Jon Favreau is lining up quite the cast for his adaptation of the comic book.  In addition to Rockwell, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star.  Here's hoping Ford brings some energy to the movie instead of sleepwalking through it like he has of late.

(10) Patrick Dempsey cast in Transformers 3.  Look, I like Dempsey - he's a solid actor.  But if Michael Bay really wanted to make a strong statement and separate himself from the craptacular Revenge of the Fallen, I'm not so sure this is the way to go.

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