Queue It Up: May 11, 2010

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Daybreakers.  For a while, this futuristic vampire tale is remniscent of Children of Men and paints a vivid, bleak depiction of a society of bloodsuckers.  The first half hour is fascinating, and the story seems bountiful and franchise-bound.  About midway through, Daybreakers ditches the art, and goes straight for B-movie glory.  While I didn't enjoy the second half as much, writer-directors The Spierig Brothers show great potential.  Worth a look, especially since the two have been tapped to direct a sequel to the '80s classic, The Dark Crystal.  (***)


Legion.  Paul Bettany stars as a gun-toting angel who faces the apocalypse with a ragtag group of human survivors stuck in the desert.  The preview was notable for its ceiling-climbing granny - I've heard that's the best part, and the rest of the movie is a giant bore.

Edge of Darkness.  Though it's nice to see Mel Gibson back on the big screen, one wishes it were in service of a star vehicle more entertaining than this derivative revenge flick.  Light on action, and a bit too talky - will leave you hankering for the Liam Neeson bad-assery of Taken.  (**)


The Karate Kid 1 and 2.  Enjoy some high def Daniel-san before Jaden Smith comes out with his ill-conceived remake.

The Man in the Iron Mask.  Leo's first post-Titanic project surrounds him with a bunch of respected older actors in this update of the classic tale.

The Magnificent Seven.  Enjoyable retelling of The Seven Samurai - it may be sacrilege to say, but I almost prefer this version instead.

M.  Fritz Lang's creepy serial killer tale is a stylish, influential film study.

The Edge.  David Mamet scripts this forgettable action drama that pits Baldwin against Hopkins against Bear.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights.  Typical hit-and-miss spoof from writer-director Mel Brooks.

Rock & Roll High School.  Roger Corman struck B-movie gold with this cult favorite.

History of the World Part I.  More Mel Brooks spoofery.

High Anxiety.  Even more Mel Brooks - this is his spoof of Hitchchock movies like Vertigo.

Marked for Death.  Early '90s Steven Seagal - back when he was slim.  Don't worry, he still had the pony tail.

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