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MCHammerCast: Episode 15 - LostCast Vol. 1: Top 5 Episodes

In honor of Lost’s series finale on Sunday, May 23, this week’s episode of MCHammerCast finds Matt and John prepping for the finale and counting down their top 5 favorite episodes of Lost.  Download the podcast now and make it part of your finale celebrations.  Then come back next week as we’ll discuss in detail... Read more »

Weekly Movie News Round-Up: May 17-21

I follow all the news so you don’t have to… Here’s what you may have missed: (1) Megan Fox Booted from Transformers 3.  She says it was her choice to leave.  Michael Bay and Paramount are suspiciously vague about it.  Not terribly surprising given her verbal spat with Bay after Transformers 2 came out.  I... Read more »

From Lee to Crystal: An American Idol Love Story

My American Idol results show recap from I think we should just forget about the results show and concentrate on writing some of the slash fiction you know is going to be burning up the Internets after Crystal wrapped her leg around Lee once she learned of her safety (Leave your own slash fic... Read more »

The Hottest Guys on LOST went an ranked the 40 hottest guys on LOST.  If you’ve never watched the show before, these photos might provide all the incentive you need. Just a few thoughts on’s rankings:

American Idol: Singing the Wrong Tunes

From my recap: At this point in this very, very lackluster season I’m finding myself not drawn to anyone in particular on a musical level.  None of the final three seem all that creative or interesting.  I probably won’t buy any of their albums.  But.  Based on all other factors, including likeability, I’ve decided... Read more »

The Essentials: 1982

In 1982, Disney’s EPCOT opened, Yassar Arafat was elected President of the Palestinian National Council, the Weather Channel aired on cable television for the first time, and Time’s “Man of the Year” was…the Computer. In music, Michael Jackson released “Thriller”, Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” was a hit, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder joined forces for “Ebony... Read more »

Robin Hood (**1/2)

Robin Hood.  148 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Ridley Scott.  Written by Brian Helgeland.  Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, Mark Strong, Mark Addy, William Hurt, Max Von Sydow, and Danny Houston.  The latest version of Robin Hood is an odd duck.  On one hand, you have to congratulate the filmmakers for fighting the urge to give... Read more »

Dancing With the Stars: Semi-Final Spectacular

It’s the penultimate week of Dancing With the Stars and this episode really served to whet my appetite for the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance.  The dances tonight were really that good.  Even if Neil Haskell wasn’t in any of them.   But enough about SYTYCD.  We’ll save that discussion for... Read more »

Queue It Up: May 18, 2010

Click on any of the titles below to add to your Netflix queue… PICK OF THE WEEK: The Messenger.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about this drama starring Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster as two soldiers going door-to-door to deliver bad news to victims’ families.  Harrelson got an Oscar nom in the supporting actor... Read more »

Chris Klein's Embarrassing "Mamma Mia!" Movie Audition

Is this real?  Fake?  I am usually a good spotter of the bull dung, and I’m going to say “real,” but maybe I’m just a rube.  Either way, it’s pretty awkward.   On the upside, he sounds better than Pierce Brosnan did in that film.