Movie-Related Stockholm Syndrome


When my son was born, I promised myself and him that he was going to grow up watching good movies and none of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel crap that was plaguing the theaters.  Things went well for a while.  I introduced him to most of the Pixar movies and the Muppet films (He loves Ratatouille and Muppets Take Manhattan -- He's a big fan of rats cooking in kitchens).  He was into Wall-E and the Toy Story films.  He was happy, and I was happy because we were watching good, quality films together.

Then he started getting an opinion.
He became fascinated with the Planet 51 posters, so my husband took him to see that movie.  He laughed every time Alvin and/or any other chipmunk appeared anywhere in his sightline.  So we bought him that movie.
Then TBS happened.  One night my mother was babysitting for him and I had left TBS on (because I like the background noise of Friends and Seinfeld while I cook).  Shrek the Third came on and they watched it together.  From that point on it's been "Shrek Babies this and Shrek Babies that."
I loathed Shrek the Third when I saw it in the theater, pre-motherhood.  I don't think John and I laughed once throughout the entire film.  I recall making fun of the bourgeois two-year-old behind us who laughed at every fart joke and stood up at the end of the film to shake her moneymaker along with Donkey and Puss-in-Boots over the credits.
Now I am the parent of such a two-year-old.
All he wants to watch these days is "Shrek Babies."  I try to put in something else, and as soon as the DVD player fires up, he's asking where the Shrek Babies at.  
So I've seen a lot of Shrek Babies over the past few weeks.  And, you know what?  That movie has grown on me.  Sure, it's not as funny as the first two, and it's not as grown-up as the Pixar films, but it has kind of an interesting story and some commendable "grrl-power" moments.
And there is nothing in the world better than seeing the excitement on my kid's face when those dang Shrek babies show up.

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