American Idol: Croonin' for a Bruisin'



That is maybe the worst punny title in the history of punny titles.  Here's a synopsis from my recap:

OK.  I don't care what else happens, but some how, some way American Idol needs to find a way to keep Harry Connick, Jr. around.  If they let him slip away, I hope he realizes his value in the Reality TV Talent Show genre and he teams up with Barry Manilow and Andrew Lloyd Webber to start their own show dedicated to breeding the best in young American stage performers.  I would totally watch the crap out of that.

Idol should also recognize that this was their best use of mentor since forever.  They put HCJ through his paces.  He arranged the songs for each of the contestants, worked with them throughout the week, and then played the piano for them on the night of the performances.  He didn't just come in for a brief ten-minute photo op.  He was there to help the contestants do Frank Sinatra's song catalogue justice. 

Before we get to the singers, just a quick note: Sir Anthony Hopkins was there.  And so was Rob Reiner.  Those have to be two of the strangest audience sightings ever.

Here's how your Final 5 performed:

Aaron Kelly ("Fly Me to the Moon"): This has nothing really to do with Aaron, but I loved how Harry Connick, Jr. (seriously, he's just going to be HCJ for the rest of the recap) called Aaron "Big Mike" when he walked in.  What a breath of fresh air.  Anyway.  Back to the snark.  Aaron had a new 'do today!  His hair was parted on the side, and it looked so much better and more grownup!  Way to go, Aaron (style-wise). I think that pretty much sums it up.  He performed that song with no conviction whatsoever (and more than a few pitch problems).  He needs to start having the proverbial "fun" up there.  He really needs to let himself go and get into the song.  Every little melisma is so deliberate that there's no spontaneity in his performances.  He needs to actually feel the music, and he needs to show some more charisma.  Yawn.

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  • I love your idea for a new show. I think I would actually watch that show. I haven't been watchin Idol for a while. Great Post!

  • In reply to Nonie:

    Thanks, Nonie! I would love to watch a show with HCJ, Barry Manilow, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. I think it could be fabulous.

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