Summer Movie Forecast 2010


Summer movie season is almost here (it begins May 7), and the excitement is palpable - at least here at Hammervision.  As an avid moviegoer, I know I'm supposed to get excited about the year-end releases because they're usually of a higher caliber and more likely to be recognized come Oscar time.  But I was raised on blockbusters, and some of my happiest experiences in a theater occurred during the summer months.  I love the hype, the ridiculous amount of money spent on each film, and the fact that (for the most part) studios keep the tentpole pics limited to one a week, which makes it super-easy to see them all. 

Some movies will deliver exactly as expected.  Others will bomb.  Still others will surprise.  And many will be shown in 3D.  With this post, I hope to make sense of it all.  I'm going to look into my crystal ball, and predict the 15 biggest movies of the summer, complete with box office grosses.  I'm also going to call out the potential bombs, as well as a few surprise hits.  So, let's get started - check out the slideshow below to begin your tour of this year's crop of wannabe blockbusters.


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  • I've got to say, a lot of these movies are not doing it for me. I'm concerned that "Iron Man 2" is going to be less like "Spider-Man 2" and more like "Spider-Man 3." I have negative interest in "Shrek 4," The Twilight movie, and the Adam Sandler "Wild Hogs" remake.

    I am hoping for good things from "Inception" and "The Other Guys."

  • Thanks for the run down. It's hard to predict which summer blockbusters are going to impress and which are going to disappoint. I've learned you cannot go by the trailer. Every spring I drink the trailer Kool Aid and every summer I'm disappointed...sometimes severely.

    So far, I've been hooked by these trailers: Iron Man, The Other Guys, A Team, and Robin Hood. Your review gets me excited for Inception and the Michael Cera movie.

  • yes - I should point out that these are not the movies I'm necessarily looking forward to the most. Just the ones that I think will make the most money.

    I'm most excited about Inception, The Other Guys, Scott Pilgrim, and Predators.

  • Oh, and Toy Story 3. Definitely Toy Story 3.

  • I have a theory that the more frequently a trailer is advertised, the worse the movie is going to be. If I see the same trailer 14 times during LOST, its going to be bad. If they show an extended trailer during primetime on network television, its probably going to be terrible.

    Exception: Star Wars.

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