MCHammerCast: Top 5 Guilty Pleasures


This week, Matt and John are joined by special guest Matt Gorman to discuss their Top 5 guilty pleasures in film.  Guilty pleasures are pretty loosely defined, but, generally, they're the kind of movie deemed terrible for one reason or another - critically, artistically, commercially, etc.  There are plenty to choose from, but if you're looking for the best of the worst - those movies so terrible that they've come all the way back around to being awesome - then this podcast is the perfect place to start.  And if you're looking at the image above and wondering, "What the hell is that?!"  Let me tell you: it's Gymkata, and if you haven't seen it - queue it up, grab a six-pack, press play, and marvel at the hilarity that ensues.  Get the podcast on iTunes (search "mchammercast") or via instant streaming at

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