American Idol: Elvis is in the Building

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I feel like Adam Lambert was just getting started with these jamokes.  He managed to pull a good performance out of, well, a few of them anyway.  He needs to come back next week to teach them Lighting 101 and A.P. Telling Ricky Minor Where to Shove It.

A few notes about how Seacrest is truly trying to make his own fun this season:

1.     He commented that his own tongue is not nearly as talented as Adam's.  How he knows this?  I'm afraid we'll be in the dark forever, or until Kitty Kelley writes the unauthorized tell-all Ryan Seacrest biography.

2.     He played Tickle Monster with some Swaybots.  That happened.

Unrelated, I also enjoyed watching Jane Lynche's slack jawed reaction to every negative critique Simon unleashed upon the contestants.  Come on, Jane.  Sue Sylvester would've come up with barbs ten times snarkier and more evil than anything Simon said tonight.  And you can believe me.  My name is neither Mr. Bullshit nor Dr. I'm-Full-of-Shit.

OK. The contestants.  Singing Elvis. 

Crystal Bowersox ("Saved"): Crystal changed things up this week by using a bedazzled electric guitar.  Otherwise, it was really just another very good, very Bonnie Raitt, very gospel performance.  I'd like to see her slow it way, way down next week.  All of her performances are starting to run together.  This was good, but I'm not sure if I'm going to remember it (outside of the gilded guitar - shiny!) a week from now.

Andrew Garcia ("Hound Dog"): Andrew tried some things.  He turned the Elvis classic into a swingy blues song with a twinge of a Latin beat.  So I guess that's something.  The problem is that he couldn't sell the song worth a dang.  He's still lacking in the energy department.  He almost redeemed himself, energy-wise, at the end of the song, but it was too late.  He's too cold and detached from the music.

Tim Urban ("I Can't Help Falling in Love"): So, we're calling him "Turban," now, FYI.  Seacrest says so, so it must be true.  He has a radio show.  And a TV show.  And another TV show.  And he watches a lighted ball drop at the end of every December.  I'm just putting off saying what I've dreaded saying all evening.  Tim Urban was good tonight, folks.  Like, really good.  Like he was the only one who took an Elvis song and made it memorable in a good way.  He slowed it down.  He changed up the melody. He played it on the acoustic guitar.  He pretty darn near felt the music, I think; though his eyes still looked a little vacant to me.  The vocals were quite good, too.  The only thing I would encourage Tim to work on is his breathing.  He tended to take breaths in the middle of phrases, and it broke up the lyrics oddly.  He needs to work on breathing so the audience doesn't even know he's doing it.  We should all be like, "Oh my freakin' goodness!  That Urban boy just sang for two minutes straight without ever breathing!  He's a national treasure."

Lee DeWyze ("A Little Less Conversation"): Click here to read the rest. 

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