American Idol Did Not Murder the Lennon/McCartney Songbook

Sorry, Andre Leon Talley.  John and I have been a bit preoccupied over the past few days.  I don't know if you heard, but our school, giant of the Horizon League, Butler University, made it to the NCAA finals.  We were there to see Gordon Hayward almost launch a three-pointer right into Hoosier history.

So, anyway, we've been a little lax in our posting.  John didn't even see any movies last weekend, and this was a man who went to see The Dark Knight about five minutes after our son was born (more or less).  
But we're back now, and focused on bringing you all of the dreckitude of America's Next Top Model and the like.  
Here's my post about last night's Idol:

At the beginning of the show tonight, Randy predicted big highs and big lows.  We actually got some big-ish highs, and only some medium lows.  All in all it was a pretty OK episode of Idol.  And "pretty OK" is the Season 9 equivalent of Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, and Bo Bice returning to sing backup in the Idol band.  We've got to take our decent performances where we can get them.

Here's how your last nine standing fared:

Aaron "Yoda" Kelly ("The Long and Winding Road"): Kara (holy jeez) was right on when she said that all of Aaron's performances tend to run together, this one included.  It wasn't a bad vocal, but the performance itself was just bland.  Sleepy, I believe The Dawg and I said.  But don't cry for Aaron, folks, he pulled the old "I have something big planned for next week" voting ploy.

Katie "Will Prom for Votes" Stevens ("Let It Be"): Of course Katie chose to sing "Let It Be."  Of course.  All told, though, and just to show how benevolent I can be, this was Katie's best performance.  She didn't run into the usual trouble in her lower register.  She made the key work for her.  She's been listening to criticism.  Who knew?  Of course, it wasn't a perfect performance.  She displayed all of her emotion in a very affected furrowed brow (and one incident of the Amen Hand).  Her "concerned eyes" didn't really seem all that concerned with the song.  They seemed more concerned with slipping bleach into Aaron Kelly's Ovaltine after the show.  And she needs to start subscribing to the Coco Chanel rule of removing one accessory before leaving the house or going on national television.

Andrew "Goofy" Garcia ("Can't Buy Me Love"): Andrew paid all of his Idol friends to pretend he's the goofiest contestant (everyone knows Aaron Kelly is really the goofiest).  Andrew chose this song to prove that he's a goofy bloke who likes to have a good time.  Except he pretty much performed it exactly the same as he's performed every song up to this point.  He said he wasn't going to change the song that much because it's a legendary song (yet he was willing to defile "Straight Up?"), but he still managed to turn the Beatles' classic into a musical mashup of Maroon 5 and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.  I don't totally blame Andrew, though.  I blame the band.  Sorry, band; but when left to your own devices, you suck eggs.  I hope when Adam Lambert shows up next week to learn these kids some things, he teaches a lesson on reigning in the band (and one on making lighting work for you).

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