How Simon Cowell is Killing American Idol from the Inside

Simon's been phoning it in this season, but is there a more sinister reason behind his actions?  My analysis is over at

An excerpt:

There's no debate that this is the worst season of Idol of all time until next year (isn't that always the case?).  But this year seems more terrible than usual.  Could a be-sweatered and grouchy member of the judging panel who is jumping ship after this season to helm his very own rival talent show be part of the reason why?

1.     "You sucked..."  Simon has used this phrase twice while reviewing two different contestants' performances.  He also took a pregnant pause after the "sucked" before continuing on with his thought.  A subtle bit of subliminal messaging for the voters at home.

2.     Palling around with Mascara DivoGrenadine.  Everyone knows that Kara DioGuardi is the worst thing to happen to Idol until Ellen.  Giving her ample opportunity to trade barbs with him and mug for the camera while invading his close-ups just serves to remind the public that Simon won't be there next year...but Kara will be.  Here is your future, America.

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