American Idol - Rhythm and Blahs

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Most of the interesting Idol moments tonight happened offstage and not when the Idols were singing.  Because when the Idols were singing, pretty much nothing of interest happened.

Here were the little gems that the camera happened to catch:

1.     Kevin DemoGurdington, in super tight leather pants (kudos to her on that), made sure to pull Simon's chair closer to hers on the panel as she sat down.

2.     Seacrest must've taken his giddy pills before the live taping, because he was a crazy person tonight.  And he knew where Tim Urban was located at all times.  Maybe that was the source of his giddiness.

3.     The Powers That Be instituted a brand new back stage cam, which caughtSiobhan in an intimate moment of pain and Tim Urban totally missing the point of why he (or any of them, for that matter) is on this show.

4.     Usher can read minds.  Through your TV screen.  I know this because when he looked at me I immediately went to iTunes and purchased his dichotomy, Raymond vs. Raymond.

5.     Randy was wearing an elephant pin on his sweater.  Is Randy a Republican?  Did not see that one coming.

6.     Simon's sweater was unbuttoned to his navel.  Next week he will be topless.  You've been warned, America.

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