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Getting Old Ain't For Sissies!

Age Can Be A Bitch! So every year one of Wifey’s many admirers takes her out for her birthday. This year is the same. We go to Michael’s in Highland Park for a Kosher Hot Dog. So when we were invited, our host suggested we meet at 4 or 4:30 pm. No way we are... Read more »

I'm Angry As Hell About My Healthcare Situation

I’m Angry As Hell ! A little over a week ago, I had a cancerous kidney removed. It hurt then. It still hurts. The doctors told me they felt they had gotten all the cancer and that no additional treatment would be involved pending the report of the pathologist. Wrong! The pathological report indicated some... Read more »

What Name Does One Use To Designate The Woman With Whom You Live?

WIFEY OR NOT? They were few in number. They questioned the veracity of the name. Was it insulting? How did the subject feel? And who were those who questioned my placing the moniker on Arlene Claire Grossman Gitles Hammerman, aka Wifey? They were older farts, traditionalists, people with nothing else but to question my ability... Read more »

Want Rest After Surgery? Get Out Of The Hospital!

So You Want To Rest? Get The Hell Out Of The Hospital! You’ve just had surgery. You want to sleep. You want the anesthetics to get out of your system. You want pain to go away. What you really want is to get the Hell out of the hospital. OK, my operation went well so... Read more »

How Many More Kids Have To Die To Satisfy The NRA?

6 Children Shot Just This Week, When Will It End? The numbers are astounding. Teens killing teens for little or no reason. School shootings are numerous and a regular occurrence. Just yesterday, police in Florida were able to prevent another mass murder spree by stopping a man before he could pull the trigger and kill... Read more »

Who Doesn't Love The Ways Of Hospitals? Me, For One

Sincerest thanks to all those who have contacted me to wish me good things as I approach my date with the sawbones. To the rest of you: I know who you are and even though Wifey says you can always forgive, like her, I tend not to forget! So there. Actually, as many of you... Read more »

Dead Deer And Other Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts Everyone who drives outside the city (any city) notices, but rarely pays any attention to the signs which shows a jumping deer. You’ve seen them, but it doesn’t really register. Well if you drive across the state of Wisconsin as we did last weekend, you see the signs and you should damn well... Read more »

Who Wants To Spend A Weekend At A Retirement Home???

We Spend a Weekend in a Retirement Home Who would have thunk it? Wifey and I appear to be in fine fettle and yet there we were in a Retirement Home for a weekend! Worse than it sounds.. it was in Omaha! Here’s the background. Wifey is from Omaha (but you knew that didn’t you?)... Read more »

More on the Bra Whisperer

The internet is a marvelous tool. Good friend Kathy in Oak Park ventured into the world of google and found the following story on the Bra Whisperer along with photos which show my description was right on. Check it out at:

New York, New York...Wifey's Kind of Town!

Adventures in New York with Wifey So those of you who know Wifey understand that strange things tend to happen to her. It’s something we expect. Typical is what occurred the other day on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. While in New York City for my niece’s wedding, we decided to go to the... Read more »