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“There’s been a murder”, Wifey said. “Where?” sayeth I Wifey pointed to an area about 200 yards away on the other side of Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Highway. For the purposes of perspectives, we were on the deck of the home my brother rents in Encinitas, California enjoying the breeze after spending time at... Read more »

My Stomach Tarnish Over

My Stomach Turnith Over. I have to admit I’ve been disgusted by the campaign of unfitDonald from the very beginning. Wifey swore at the presumptuous Republican candidate when he made fun of a handicapped person. Now she actually leaves the room when he appears on TV. She hates him that much! I’ve been sickened by... Read more »

What We'll Always Remember About The 4th Of July

The 4th of July is always an enjoyable holiday, but you never know what one incident will stay with you after the holiday. For Wifey and me it wasn’t the large afternoon gathering at a friend’s home. It wasn’t having the kids over to schmooze and watch baseball; it was something that happened but did... Read more »

Random Thoughts From A Questioning Mind, Or A Sick One...

Random Thought From A Questioning Mind, Or A Sick One….Take Your Choice What happens to normal people that turns them into assholes the minute they get behind the wheel on a Beemer? Come on, you’ve noticed it. just like I have, that the Beemer driver, male or female. believes they are the only one on... Read more »

Hate And Fear Cost You Plenty Today!

Open Mouth, Spew Crap. Don’t Even Think About Thinking Things Through. Brexit is but the latest example of acting without really considering the consequences. David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain. really thought he could put the idea of leaving the European Union to rest once and for all, by letting the voters make the... Read more »

You Never Know How Much Hate There Is Until You Test It.

“Traitor”! “Misinformed Idiot!” “What Universe Are You Living In?” These are but a few of the comments I received when I had the temerity to question placing blame on President Obama for creating ISIS on a conservative web site. I get tired of seeing bullshit on sites like The Conservative Standard. Just to see if... Read more »

Too Many Deaths: Who Is Responsible?

Who Is Responsible For All The Deaths? This past weekend Wifey and I drove round-trip to Minneapolis for a bar mitzvah. As we traveled north beginning in Milwaukee and on to Madison, Wisconsin we noticed dead deer lying beside the road. At first my thoughts were that the budget cuts to education in the state... Read more »


Are The Presidential Primaries Getting To You? They Are Disgusting Me And so it goes, on and on. Lies, misstatements, over exaggerations and even more bullshit. I always thought nominations for the nation’s highest office should be based on ideas and policy. Silly me. Disparage your competition. Call them liars (which all of them are).... Read more »

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To The Doctors We Go!

People Often Ask “How Do You Spend Your Days Now That You’ve Retired? Good question! Unfortunately we spend most of our time keeping the medical profession active and working. Let’s take last week as an example: Monday, a delightful time was spent in the dentist’s chair. Deep gum cleaning is such a great time! Tuesday,... Read more »

Technology Can Drive You Nuts!

Frustrations Caused By Technology For years I’ve had the same AOL account and password. But now I can’t get into the account on my computer. No problem accessing the address on my IPAD or IPhone, just my MAC. I’m pissed. I have a wireless hookup for the MAC but unless I physically take my laptop... Read more »