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Final Thoughts on our Journey to Poland

SOME FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE JOURNEY (Part 9) There were some observations made on our Journey, which do not fit into the narrative. In no order of importance. They are: 1) Polish young people smoke way too much. They are clearly dependent upon American tobacco and help support our economy. Apparently the message of future... Read more »

Why We Went. What We Found

The Journey: Why We Went, What We Found So many people have asked, “Did you have a good trip?” Yes, but that was the wrong question. Ours was a very moving experience. When you specifically go visit an area, which had been the center of Jewish thought and life just one hundred years ago and... Read more »

The Journey (Part 7: The Last Travelogue

The Journey (Part 7) Arrival in Cracow in early afternoon allowed us to be tourists in a big city again. First stop was the Rumeh Synagogue, one of those few still offering regular services (but not for Kabbalat Shabbat). The building, like all we visited enjoyed a similar architecture, with high ceilings, raised platform in... Read more »

The Journey Continues (Part 6)

The Journey (Part 6) The day began in Zamosc, a beautiful Renaissance town in southeastern Poland. We walked the entire Old Town, visited the magnificent Cathedral, the Bastian, and of course, the one remaining synagogue. Prior to the German invasion, Jews made up 43.7% of Zamosc’s population. This high percentage was not unusual in this... Read more »

You've seen Part 5, but my bad, here's Part 4

The Journey. (Part 4) An overwhelming thought to start: there shouldn’t be a Warsaw today! Just south of our hotel is a mini-park which contains about 20 large poster-sized photos of Warsaw in 1947. These large double-sided ( approximately 10′ by 14′) show in full color the total destruction of the city. The Germans were... Read more »

The Journey Continues

The Journey (Part 5) There is nothing like starting your day with a palace. And in Warsaw there are lots of palaces. The Polish kings’ main palace is nearby in the Old Town area. Kings lived like, well, kings. The Polish royalty was no different. They had opulence in an era when the common person... Read more »

The Journey Continues

As many of you know, wonderful person that she is, Wifey is not the most technically astute person in the world. So, when I began my Journey Series, I gave her instructions on how to post these pages. She tried! In fact, many of you may have received this particular posting. Those of you on... Read more »

The Journey (Part Two)

The Journey (Part Two) One would think that planning for a foreign trip would be easy. One would be wrong! Especially, if the trip is to Poland. So many questions and yet so few answers. Many have asked: “Why on earth would you want to go there?” “Did you lose family in the camps?” I’d... Read more »

The Journey (Part one: our plans to visit the Concentration Camps)

The Journey (Part 1) When my son called me and said, “Dad, let’s go to Poland”, I was both surprised and pleased. He knew this is one country neither of us had previously visited. It would be an excellent way to travel and learn more about that which we had only read about…the Holocaust. I... Read more »