About Hammermanswordsofwisdom

In May, 2010 Wifey (you’ll come to love her adventures!) suggested I start a blog.  “After all, you’ve been in advertising and communications for more then 40 years…you have opinions, and sometimes you are even funny”, was how she began.  As a dutiful husband, and since Wifey is more then often right, I took her suggestion.

And that’s how it started.  For more then two years I’ve commented on everything from BRAs (Bad Rug Alerts-hairpieces that don’t fit), to Wifey’s lost panties (really), to her testifying in court to help send a con-artist away for 18 years in the Big House.

You can find all these on the old blog site:


New postings will appear here on ChicagoNow.

A little about me.  I am a retired advertising agency executive living with Wifey in Northbrook.  Together (we both lost our spouses to illness 14 and 18 years ago), we have five children and six grandchildren – all beautiful and brilliant, of course!

Insights are often different since they are from my perspective, which is somewhat warped.  I hope you enjoy my postings and that you take a few moments to review some of my old messages.


I look forward to your comments.