Service: Where Hast Thou Gone?

Every one of us has experienced poor service.

If it’s in a restaurant, you can express it two ways – minimal or no tip, and you can also let management know of your displeasure.

Or you can take the cowardly way and stop frequenting said establishment.

Wifey loves Pizano’s Pizza (local Chicago area chain) and I agree it’s very tasty and generally properly prepared. Yet, no matter what the day of the week, we’ve been disappointed by the service time after time. This includes the time we were with another couple. Their pizza arrived hot and tasty. Ours was nowhere to be found. We inquired a few times and eventually were told our pizza had been dropped on the floor and a new one was being cooked. This was long after our friends had demolished theirs.

To assuage our disappointment, we were offered a chocolate sundae. Whoopee!

On another visit with the family, one meal again didn’t come with the rest. Wifey was livid and complained to management this seemed to be the rule not the exception. One of the meals was not charged for. And Wifey – who dearly loves the Pizano pizza – understands why I am less than enthusiastic when someone suggests we visit that restaurant.

Which brings me to the latest example of exceedingly poor service. Thank you American Airlines!

People who’ve read these pieces know the story of Wifey’s high school reunion trip 6 weeks ago when we went to Omaha on American and our luggage went to Atlanta on Delta. Since we had events to attend and needed clothes and underwear, we were given the go-ahead to purchase the basics so we didn’t attend functions in shorts when the temperatures had dropped into the 40s.

We went to Walgreens to buy basic toiletries. The next morning we were at Dillard’s where I purchased underwear, socks, two shirts and one pair of pants. Wifey also was properly outfitted with two outfits, but altogether our expenses were slightly over $500. Not really that much when you consider what we really might have spent to look spiffy at her event.

With the preapproval from the American Airlines, we dutifully submitted our claim.

End of story?

Of course not!

I have attempted to contact American on their baggage service line for 6 days. No matter what time of day that I call, their specialists are always helping others. I’ve followed the requests to leave my name, baggage claim number and phone number. I’ve also been told numerous times the mailbox was full and not accepting new claims.

Trying the web site doesn’t help either since the phone number you are to call tells you to try another extension, and that’s on the web site.

I’ve sent e-mail requests along with all requested materials.

Thank you American Airlines for rivaling Comcast for poor service. And that my friends it really saying something.

Service is not the American Way!

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