The Truly Rich Are Different

The Truly Rich Are Different…

The other day, I was reading about a $100,000,000 gift to the Northwestern University School of Law. Said gift came from J.B. Pritzker and his wife M.K. Pritzker.

Wonderful and truly great for the university.

However, it got me thinking. How rich do you have to be to no longer be known by your given name, but only by initials? No one ever called me E.L. In fact Wifey doesn’t even use my given names at all. When she wants me, she just yells “Hammerman”.

Not only does she use this everywhere, friends seen to forget I have a first name. We go to events and find place cards listed as Hammerman and Arlene.

Sad, but so true.

I just can’t stop wondering how much money do I need to acquire initials?

It won’t be through working since I retired more than 10 years ago. There is no way my investments could ever put me into the “initial” category.

And here in Illinois, even if you buy a lottery ticket and win, the best you can receive an I O U if your winning totals more than $600.

That’s not a joke. Our state government hasn’t had a budget since May and neither the Republican governor nor Democratic bosses who run the House and Senate are willing to budge. So why buy a lottery ticket?

You can’t win even when you win!

Just Sayin…..

As a political junkie I found myself glued to the tube watching Hillary spit in the faces of the Republicans on the Benghazi committee. Did the 11 plus hours of testimony show anything new? Do we care about the e-mails she received and obviously ignored from some guy named Sidney Blumenthal? (Apparently he testified in front of the Committee, and in a partisan vote of 7 Republicans against and 5 Democrats ((including our next Senator Tammy Duckworth)) voting yes, we won’t be able to read his testimony about something he apparently knew little about).

This is the eighth Benghazi investigation now wasting over $20 million of our tax dollars. What have we learned other than four brave Americans lost their lives to a group of terrorists? Does it make any difference to the dead the Republicans in Congress voted against more funds for embassy protection?
Is it important to learn that our military was unable to even mount a counter attack because they were too far away? Do we blame the people who created the video, which drove the Muslim world so nuts they rioted in too many countries?

As I’ve told my friends on the right all along, there isn’t any “there” there when it comes to Benghazi

Deal with it

Just Sayin…..

For those of you h\who’ve asked, by the time you read this, I’ll have had half my chemo treatments. No, I don’t feel tired. No there have been no effects. No, there is no pain. What little discomfort I have is over in about the three minutes each treatment takes. I’m still as the gym walking my three miles daily as if I wasn’t in any treatment regime.

So half down, half to go.

Just Sayin……

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