Now For The Hard Part Chemotherapy

And So It Begins

Today was the first day of chemo. Wow was it exciting?

Just past 9 AM, a nurse took my blood. I told you it was exciting even though it was just a finger prick. (Not that you dirty minded individual).

Then up to the treatment area where there were too many people hooked up to drips. My turn would come soon enough.
First a nurse inserted an IV. She began the drip with anti-nausea meds, followed by a few saline drips. Eventually, the first chemo drip was started.

Did I mention how exciting it was?

During the entire 6 plus hours, I read two Chicago newspapers, finished a mystery novel, watched Jeopardy, had lunch, talked to Wifey who has been marvelous in her support of this ordeal, and got new meds, more chemo, and hours worth more of saline.

Did I say how exciting it was?

I did run into another patient I knew from our Congregation. Not exactly where you like to see people you know.

What was I promised?

That sometime especially in the second month I will feel fatigue, perhaps some hair loss, but for sure lethargy. So don’t bug me then, I’ll be too tired.

Solid instructions: exercise, drink lots of water, and more water and even more water… 96 ounces a day at least.


I have gained about 5 pounds of fluid, which was to be expected, walked almost 2 miles yesterday outside, running errands and feeling fine considering. And yes, as expected, my sugar is way up but coming down as the steroids they added to my chemo cocktail had suggested….that and the pasta Wifey has been dishing up.

Thanks for your continuing concern. It really is appreciated.

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