Cancer Is Never Good News!

There’s Good News And Not So Good News.

Everything Wifey and the kids had read about was exactly what my medical situation appears to be. According to my oncologist, I need treatment in the forms of three rounds of chemo: one the first week, one each of the next two weeks; a week off and repeat the cycle again two more times.

I, of course, could do nothing (not an option I’d accept) and there is a strong chance the disease would return in one to three years.

Or, I could do what I plan on doing.

Biting the bullet.

Having the chemo.

And getting along with my life.

That’s exactly what I plan to do. Will it work? Who knows? In the opinion of those who matter, it’s the best thing to do so that’s the program.

According to the doctor, I may or may not have bouts with nausea, lose appetite and most probably suffer from fatigue. So that means I’ll be uncomfortable for about three months with good days and some not so good. C’est la vie. I can handle that if it buys me years in the future.

Our travel plans have to be altered significantly. The two trips planned for Fall will have to wait. Not a big deal. As we all know, Europe will be there whenever we plan to go. The same holds true with Nova Scotia.
Years ago, when I had other surgery, my physician told me to think of it as a bump in the road. So, once again, the road will be bumpy. That’s just how things are.

I’m not going into details since you know what I know and all you need to know. Just keep me in your thoughts, prayers and hope the drugs do their thing.

Thanks for your concern.

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