I'm Angry As Hell About My Healthcare Situation

I’m Angry As Hell !

A little over a week ago, I had a cancerous kidney removed. It hurt then. It still hurts.

The doctors told me they felt they had gotten all the cancer and that no additional treatment would be involved pending the report of the pathologist.


The pathological report indicated some cancerous cells might have spread. Now that means 3 – 4 sessions of chemo.
That means future travel plans are up in the air.

That means it sucks!

So, you can understand why I am not a happy camper.

On the positive side, the type of cancer I have is easily treatable with a more than 90% cure rate. On the negative side, chemo sucks. It is poisonous to your system. You can feel weak, nauseous and generally be a pain in the ass to your spouse.

Wifey has already informed me that such behavior will not be tolerated. I have one job now and that is to get stronger, heal and be prepared for the next treatment.

Now in addition to an internist, I have an urologist, an endriconologist, and a nephrologist; who knows what else will be in my "ologist" camp. Whatever and whomever it is, they are not welcome!

Add insult to injury. My bill from the hospital came today. I must say that for $1,750 a night, you’d think they would not bother waking you every hour to poke and prod.

That’s more then I’ve spent in New York for a hotel room. And even more than two nights at the Ritz in Shanghai. The amenities were somewhat lacking in the hospital although the nurses were truly caring and helpful.

Wifey guessed the hospital bill would be over $75,000 for the procedure and in excess of $100,000 before all the costs were in. Seems to me, she is underestimating the amount charged to Medicare and my supplemental policy. Can you imagine what someone who doesn’t have insurance could manage to pay for these services?

Many people have expressed a dislike of Obama Care but don’t want the government to touch their Medicare.


You can’t have it both ways. Either the system is totally overhauled (not going to happen in this friendly Congressional atmosphere) or some alterations will be needed.

When you look closely at the charges involved with a stay in a major medical center, or if you read the Time magazine 50,000 plus word essay last year, you’d understand the system is broken. People bitch about healthcare until they become the patient.

All I can say is “Thank G-d for Medicare”. Now I’ll get on to gaining strength and healing so I can beat this thing in the next round. Your many prayers and kind thoughts have helped me keep going. Thanks again so very much for keeping us on your radar.

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