Who Doesn't Love The Ways Of Hospitals? Me, For One

Sincerest thanks to all those who have contacted me to wish me good things as I approach my date with the sawbones.

To the rest of you: I know who you are and even though Wifey says you can always forgive, like her, I tend not to forget!

So there.

Actually, as many of you have told me, walking around with just one kidney isn’t a big deal. One of our professional friends (he’s a professional, not someone who hires out as a “special friend” for monetary considerations) was born with only one kidney. Except for the fact his hourly rates are high, he’s as normal as anyone else.

Seriously, I’ve heard from so many who have or know someone with only one kidney, that I wonder why most people have two!

As Wifey and I were able to review my CT scan with the urologist, it was clear that over 2/3rds of the left kidney wasn’t getting sufficient blood supply. Perhaps that’s why the “lesion” (tumor) hasn’t grown at all in over a year they’ve been watching it. So sometimes, there is a spec of good news within the bad. We’ll know in a few weeks

I’ve got a full regimen of do’s and don’ts leading up to the event, which makes me wonder why physicians require what they do.

Just the other day, the Superintendent of Police here in Chicago was rushed to the same hospital with a heart condition. They operated immediately and two days later he’s out and back at home recovering.

Did he fast for one day before the operation?

No, he came directly from a dinner where he experienced chest pains.

Did he cut out aspirin 7 days prior to the surgery?

What do you think?

Did he alter his diet or meds pre-surgery?

So, why the Hell do I have to do so?

Did he go to the pre-op center for testing at least 10 days prior to his procedure?

Obviously, you see where I’m going with this logic.

Everyone who enters a modern medical center, especially a nationally rated teaching hospital is treated like a piece of meat. They are stripped of dignity, forced to wear a lovely, albeit airy, blue backless garment and given fuzzy slippers. (I can hardly wait!)

Sign this form. Fill out another.

Where’s your insurance card?

If you are old enough (I am just barely) do you have your Medicare card and Supplemental ID available as well?

When my son asked if I was going to get a second opinion, I told him that according to my Urologist, I’ve already had about twenty.


When there is something out of the ordinary, all the radiologists and urologist want to see what’s going on. Even though I am not a guinea pig, I do know that both departments will follow my case so I am in good hands.

You’ll be hearing from me on this subject soon enough. Thanks again for your thoughts

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