What Name Does One Use To Designate The Woman With Whom You Live?


They were few in number. They questioned the veracity of the name. Was it insulting? How did the subject feel?

And who were those who questioned my placing the moniker on Arlene Claire Grossman Gitles Hammerman, aka Wifey? They were older farts, traditionalists, people with nothing else but to question my ability to call them as I sees them.

It started about 3 years ago when in an early blog I referred to the aforementioned Arlene Claire Grossman Gitles Hammeman as Wifey. No offence was taken by she so named. In fact, over the years, this affectionate designation has grown and been accepted.

Wifey enters the synagogue. People who’ve known her for years now say hello to Wifey.

People who’ve never met her know exactly to whom I refer when I make note of “Wifey did such and such”. In general, people like the name. So does she.

End of discussion.

Wifey it is, and shall remain so.

Thanks for your kind words. It’s not every day that I lose a kidney (it was here just the other day….) I have been overwhelmed by the kind words, thoughts and prayers so many of you have offered on behalf of my recovery.

Yes, it still hurts like hell. The four inch incision just above the belly button means my Speedo days are gone forever. Medical professionals have told me that it takes time to get the entire anesthetic out of the system. Wifey has referred to some of the things I’ve said and done as anesthesia brain. It’s mine and I plan to use (read: milk it) for as long as I can get away with it.

Seriously, sincerest thanks for your notes, cards, e-mails and phone calls. They really do help!

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