How Many More Kids Have To Die To Satisfy The NRA?

6 Children Shot Just This Week, When Will It End?

The numbers are astounding. Teens killing teens for little or no reason.

School shootings are numerous and a regular occurrence. Just yesterday, police in Florida were able to prevent another mass murder spree by stopping a man before he could pull the trigger and kill his entire family.

Did you know that since the shootings in Connecticut over a year ago THERE HAVE BEEN 74 MORE SHOOTINGS IN SCHOOLS?

That’s more than one per week, and school’s out for most of the nation at this time.

That’s right, more than one school shooting each and every week for the past year and a quarter. I don’t know about you but with a daughter and a stepdaughter working in high schools, I’m concerned.

You should be as well.

Do you want your child to be a teacher, social worker or administrator in an environment where it may not be safe to go to work simply because our legislators are bought and paid for by the NRA?

Well over 90% or all Americans are for some sort of responsible gun laws, be they background checks, elimination of what are really weapons of war or simply making it difficult for those who might be mentally unbalanced from being able to purchase a weapon.

Everyone needs to know and consider how we actually apply pressure to our representatives to enact reasonable gun restrictive laws. You can read this and say, “you’re right. But there’s nothing I can do”.

And that’s what you’ll do.

Or, you can actually start to apply some pressure on your legislators. Tell them, no donations to their reelection campaign unless they publicly announce they are for responsible gun laws.

Think of it: no cash unless they make the pledge and keep their word.

If they do make a pledge, then be generous and send them real dollars along with the note that this is in response to your commitment to help fix what’s broken with our gun laws.

Simple, easy and very direct.

I don’t know about you, but my snail mail and e-mail are full of requests for campaign funds. I’ve let the senders know that nothing will be forthcoming unless they promise to do something be it background checks, registration, or elimination of military weapons from the general public.

If you agree, then actually do it. And send this request to others who think like you do. Forward it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Cut off the money and you cut off the NRA’s balls!

They understand this and so should you!

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