Dead Deer And Other Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Everyone who drives outside the city (any city) notices, but rarely pays any attention to the signs which shows a jumping deer. You’ve seen them, but it doesn’t really register.

Well if you drive across the state of Wisconsin as we did last weekend, you see the signs and you should damn well pay attention. Wifey and I were driving to Minneapolis when we began to see dead deer here and dead deer there. Here a dead deer, there a dead deer. (and Old McDonald’s Farm as well!) Believe it or not we saw 17 dead deer on the side of the road during our drive home. Seventeen is one hell of a number.

Next time you see one of these signs and you are driving at or near dusk or dawn, be verrrry careful. Deer like to cross the road and don’t understand traffic!

Travel is something many of us love, but there can actually be too much of a good thing. Thank goodness May is coming to a close since this month we’ve driven to and from Omaha, spent six days in New York for a family wedding and driven back and forth to Minneapolis. Frankly, we’re exhausted. It’s nice to be home with no immediate travel plans. Hooray.

Not being a person who likes pretentiousness, I have a problem with authors who use quotations from Plato, Socrates, Dante, et al to begin their books. Who really gives a damn and what does it add to the story?

Absolutely nothing, except the author is trying to tell you he/she is a serious person.

Get on with your damn story!
You’ve heard it before, and I’m sure you’ll hear it again: Comcast is one of the worst service providers available. To try to alter services I only waited 10 minutes until an actual human came on the line. She was the first of three real people and not a recording. Here’s why I called them.

Recently, Wifey contacted Comcast to see what they could do to cut the outrageous charges we were paying each month…upwards of $1,200 (not really, but I did get your attention). Here’s a way to save $10 a month they told her: use a slower speed Internet.

Little did she know that it was taking me almost two minutes to sign on, or for a site to load. I called them and after giving them my name, date of birth, weight, color of eyes three times (oh that’s what I require when you want to leave me a phone message), I was less than happy.

Three times they asked for and received my phone number, home address and social security number. Three times!


Finally, I was able to talk to my local representative (she’s in the Philippines) and for only $40 less each month, bundle the services I already have, while adding free premium channels and increasing my modem speed to the fastest. That’s saving almost $500 a year and that is real money. But why wasn’t this offered each time Wifey called?

To take this package saving $40 per month, I had to agree to accept Comcast telephone service. We are happy with AT & T.
They don’t have regular service outages like Comcast so why would anyone trust Comcast with their landline telephone? (I know. You are wondering why we still have a landline, but Wifey’s business requires it).

I was told it would take two business days for everything to be up and running yet discovered it was all installed in less than two hours. And people wonder why Comcast is regularly at the very top of the list of worst companies to deal with.

Anyone have other nominations for lousy service?

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