Why Isn't Racism Dead Yet?


It is so disappointing to open the newspaper or turn on television news without some reference to the stupidity of our fellow Americans and racism.

Lately we’ve been treated to story after story most recently Cliven Bundy, the idiot Nevada cattle rancher. He was embraced as a libertarian and as someone standing up to the government as a “patriot”. He was lauded by Hannity and Limbaugh and others until – and that’s a big until – he opened his stupid mouth about “Negroes” and how much happier they were under slavery.

What a total ass?

What was amazing is how quickly the right-wing commentators abandoned him to wallow in his own uninformed take on history.

Why anyone listens to Hannity is beyond me.

If you want to see him change positions on just about anything, watch Jon Stewart who disembowels him on a regular basis. Hannity is as dishonest as anyone on television. It boggles my mind that he has such a huge audience. Are Americans that dumb? Or is it just the Fox News audience?

Now we have the Donald “slumlord” Sterling story. First of all, what is an attractive much younger woman doing spending time with an 80 year old? Since I’m not that far from 80, (well actually I am), I wonder how many pretty young women might find me so attractive they’d want to spend time with me. (OK, I can relate to why they’d find my mind and svelte figure appealing, that is until they found out I didn’t have a billion dollars in assets.)

And to top it off, the young lady in question is of mixed race herself.

What a surprise that the young lady might want to spend time with other people of color. Who would have thunk it?

Who does this slumlord think he is? Does he even consider his words before opening his mouth?
It was sad to see his elderly wife sitting at the Clippers game yesterday knowing she was the object of ridicule and sorrow. Yet she must have known about her husband’s proclivity for showing off his “girlfriend” at Clipper games.


Young people today are becoming colorblind. Unlike my generation, they appear not to see race as something important. Mixed race couples are no longer something unusual.

Black people, brown people, and Asians with Caucasians and vice versa are the new norm. With the infusion of Hispanics into our society, people are far more accepting as ever so slowly the world’s population is turning more to one where brown people will be the norm.

As few examples would include Tiger Woods, Chicago’s Joakim Noah as well as our President. With the election of our first non-white President, one can only hope the country has at last started to turn a corner on race relations. Yet I personally believe many of the problems the President has with Congress may have some racial undertones. Not that anyone would ever admit them, but one just has to wonder……………..

I know this is very difficult for the racists to accept. While I do not want to point at any specific group or area, there remain pockets of racism particularly in rural and former states of the Confederacy. Perhaps these pockets remain because there has been little interaction between the races in these areas.

Who cares?

It’s time we stop seeing race and see each individual for what they are as individuals, not as people whose color might be different than ours.

Let’s bury racism and learn to live with one another.

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