The Government Is Wrong....Again


Am I really among the small minority in this country who thinks the government is wrong to spy on every American?

Do intelligent people really believe it is OK with the 4th Amendment to allow the government to track every phone call, every e mail I’ve sent or received, every site I’ve visited since 2006?

All in the name of “security”.

To my thinking (and if the government is tracking this, so be it), this is just wrong!

Wrong! Immoral! And an insult!

What you do on your computer is your business.

Your e-mails should be private and only be relevant to those who receive them.

Your phone calls are your business.

Not Those Of The U.S. Government

A friend told me “I don’t have anything to hide, so why should I care what the government checks on?”

Apparently she has not read Orwell’s 1984!

War is not peace.

Freedom is not slavery.
Ignorance is not strength!

If you believe otherwise, then what the government is doing without your permission, without a legal warrant is OK with you. And you might be all right with Big Brother watching you.

Not me!

If the government wants to see who receives my e-mails,

Get a warrant!

If they want to know what sites I visit,

Get a warrant!

It’s not just my view and that of the Libertarians (something no one has ever accused me of being); it should be the view of thinking Americans.

After all, the head of the NSA recently lied to a Congressional committee when he claimed no one was tracking your e-mails. The facts are the NSA has been collecting records on virtually every phone call made in this country since 2006. Think about it… every single phone call for the last seven years.

They’ve tracked every e-mail during the same period and have actually looked at those of foreigners for content. Libertarian Tribune columnist Steve Chapman stated, “They’ve done everything short of installing a shower cam in every home”.

Does that make you feel safer?

Not me.

The Patriot Act pushed through by Bush and Ashcroft was supposed to make us safer from the al-Quaida’s of the world, but in fact has chipped away at our liberties in untold new ways. We accept with grumbling the treatment we get at Security at our airports. (As an aside, why will it no longer be necessary for me to remove my shoes when going through the TSA checks in about 15 months? Will my feet be safer?).

We should never accept allowing the Government the right to track all our credit cards, banking transactions, and even our reading lists from the local library without a warrant.

As many of you know, I have an intimate knowledge of how the Federal system of wire tapping, etc., is supposed to work. If Federal prosecutors must go before a judge to get approval to secretly look into possible wrong doings on the part of suspected criminals, shouldn’t the Government itself be limited to the actual statute?

Our Constitution protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. Who I call (for my takeout pizza), where I travel, and what I read is not the business of the United States Government.

I know that many will say the Government tells us they have stopped terrorist attacks by checking the e-mails and calling records of those coming into the U.S. from foreign sources.

Fine! But why does that give the Federal bureaucracy the right to check on you here in the U.S.?

Many of you are poo-pooing my concerns.
Before you rush to judgment, stop by your local library (dangerous, I know) and take out a copy of 1984 by George Orwell. Read it again. Think about what you’ve read.

And only then, can you argue with me about the Government’s rights to follow your every move.

I await your comments.

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