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As many of you know, wonderful person that she is, Wifey is not the most technically astute person in the world. So, when I began my Journey Series, I gave her instructions on how to post these pages. She tried! In fact, many of you may have received this particular posting. Those of you on my distribution list did, however, those who read these on FaceBook or on did not see this one. So it is being reposted on all three sites.

So saying, after reviewing all the others I've written (up to Part 7), it seems to me I've written a travelogue and that was not my intention. What I plan to do next is to combine the salient points of our travels into reflections on the meaning of the Journey and a second one on the juxtaposition of what we saw including some of the humorous (yes there was humor on the trip) reflections on the people ect. For those few who want to slug their way through the remaining pieces not published, just let me know and I'll forward them to you. In any case, here's the one you may have missed. Or not!

The Journey (Part 3)

What a wonderful way to start an adventure then to wonder if I would be making the trip alone or have company. Some things never change. As always the Boy can never be anywhere on time. Had the plane not been about an hour and three quarters late, he would have missed it.

Was I surprised?


Some things are what they are.

When we booked the flights on Lot, the Polish national airline, we thought we would be traveling on the new Boeing Dreamliner 787. Unfortunately there was a problem with the lithium batteries and the new airships do not go into service until next month. Perhaps I'll fly it another time.

Lot had to scurry to find a replacement aircraft so they leased two planes for a month. What luck? We flew in an old Airbus 303 which was dirty and actually had one non-functioning toilet.

Through the years of air travel, I've had some lousy meals... and Lot was one of them. Marginal is the word that best comes to mind when we are talking about the food we were served. But what the Hell, we got here safe and sound.

Warsaw is a very interesting place. The center of the city, and in fact, most of the city itself was leveled during the Second World War. At one of the many memorials we saw a picture of General Eisenhower walking through the rubble of what has been painstakingly rebuilt as the Old Town.

There were people everywhere today. In the large open area near the Palace, a huge tent was set up with day long Christian rock music treating the thousands wearing red shirts proclaiming who knows, except they all had the word "Jesus" somewhere on the garment.

In addition to the on-going music, there was Polish rap (really) and breakdancing (quite good!)

Warsaw apparently has a marvelous special day each year that just happened to be our first day. It's called "Museum Day". At six o clock, all the museums opened for free. The crowds were unbelievable. Some lines were over two blocks long. People waited politely and quietly just to take advantage of the events late into the night. Towards the of the evening, we saw there was no line to get into the City Museum. After spending a few moments inside we understood why!

Polish food is quite good, but very heavy. We had pierogis for lunch which were excellent, but oh so filling. Dinner at an outdoor cafe was also very good and reasonable compared to prices at home. It's a good thing we walked about 7 miles today on our trek around Old Town. (The I-Pod doesn't lie - 7 miles it was).

We marveled at the opulence of the numerous churches. Gold abounds. The organs are works of art as are the buildings themselves. The churches in the Old Town area have been restored to show their beauty. And while we visited, so too did the many who came in to kneel and say a few words of prayer.

Saturday was apparently wedding day in the Old Town. We spotted three such events and one of the brides was lovely...not too bad a batting average.

The Warsaw uprising monument is quite moving. It depicts the revolt of the city in late 1944 (not to be confused with the Warsaw Ghetto uprising which was in 1943) The statues and the sculpture are impressive.

Tomorrow we begin our ethnic portion of the trip.

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