Dumb Has Set A New High Standard

Dumb Has Set A New High Standard.

As many of you know, I am not a patient person when it comes to true stupidity. So I was particularly proud of how Wifey handled a situation, where frankly, I would have freaked out.

Wifey plays Maj Jong, as regular readers know with a group of delightful ladies. Last week she was the host for the game, which includes a “ladies lunch”. What better way to handle it then to bring a piece of Chicago to the group (3 of the 4 are Chicago Snow-Birds)? And what better way then to order a large salad from the newly opened Scottsdale Portillos?

Yes, another part of Chicago has moved to the southwest, joining such other local favorites as Al’s Beef, Francesca’s and soon Potbelly. As my brother often explains, “the Scottsdale area is just Chicago at room temperature”.

Being the thoughtful person Wifey is, she decided it would be wise to pre-order the salad the day before and have it available for pick-up the next day at 11:00 AM.

Into Portillos we went. Since Portillos has opened, the joint has been a happening. So many people are either from the Chicago area, or just want to know what the excitement is all about, that the crowds have been enormous. Even at what could be considered off hours such as close to 9 PM time, we stopped by on our way home.

While the restaurant area may have its act together, catering does not! Wifey spoke with Dennie the Ditz, a young girl of high school age about placing the order for the salad.

She told Wifey they only took catering orders over the phone. Wifey informed the Ditz she had waited 7 minutes on hold earlier in the day for someone to answer the damn phone and take her order.

Ditzy said she had been answering phones all day and it never took that long. Be that as it may, Portillo policy was that the order had to be phoned in!. Wifey was incredulous and patient when she asked “does that mean I have to call you from inside the store to place the order?”

Dumber than a stick assured her such was the case. So out comes Wifey’s cell phone.

Fortunately, a more senior individual realized what was happening and took the order. As promised, the salad was ready on time, as ordered, and downright delicious.

What struck me as I observed this bubblehead was this girl was probably driving a car, probably owned a gun, was paying her bills, and since it’s Arizona, voting!

These people walk amongst us.

This is what our schools are providing (Arizona schools are ranked 49th in the country just ahead of Mississippi and just behind Alabama). But, hey, taxes are real low in Arizona.

Oh yes, Ditzy was indeed a blonde.

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