A Snow-Birds Life Is Not An Easy One !

A Snow-Bird’s Life Is Not An Easy One!

Yes, we have the sun while back home they have the snow, ice and blizzard winds.

But, along with the sun come problems ordinary year-round residents do not have to deal with. Take medical problems of any sort as an example.

A few weeks ago, Wifey had a major league cold (she nicely supplied it to me as well). We knew better than to ask about a finding a doctor because that wasn’t going to happen. Urgent Care seemed to be a bit much, so we went to our trusty Walgreens for their care clinic.

We waited about 30 minutes until Wifey was able to see the overly cautious and thorough nurse practitioner. Sure enough Wifey has a bad cold for which the nurse prescribed an antibiotic. Nursey was concerned that Wifey might be too frail to take the antibiotic, but was easily persuaded when Wifey slugged her.

End of story?

No, the nurse actually called two days later to check up on Wifey and her condition. Hooray for Walgreens and their ability to help patients.


My personal situation was different.

I have a minor urological problem. So, I called my brother’s physician who I saw some 8 to 10 years ago when I had food poisoning. He saw me immediately then. I didn’t mind the 45-minute drive back then, since I was really sick. I didn’t want to go that far this time if I didn’t really need to.

Since I had not been a patient in the last three years, I would need to wait 3 F---ing months to see him.

Can you believe that?

Three months. That’s totally ridiculous.


I called a friend who recommended another physician (family practice – not a specialist) They too had a wait list, and I wouldn’t be able to see the doctor he recommended for quite a while. Some one else in the office would see me in a week or ten days.

How ‘bout my regular doctor in Illinois. As usual, he had the proper solution.

Go to the ER.

I did!
Hence the pretty bracelet you see here.

The process was long and tedious (doesn’t Wifey’s pedicure look good?)

When the attending physician looked in, he checked me over and immediately suggested a catheter for me. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR F---ING MIND?

No way. Jose’

Don’t even think about it!

Blood was drawn and sent to the laboratory..

Hours later, the results arrived.
No infection.

At least I was able to read a good portion of The Art of Fielding (excellent novel!) while we waited.

So out came the IV line. The major benefit was that I got the referral to an urologist who has to see me as part of his contract with the hospital. So at least I won’t wait 4 – 10 weeks to treat what ails me (don’t know what it is, but I feel fine) and that’s what counts.

The moral of the story is: get a doctor before you become a snow-bird in AZ, FL or CA.

If that’s not possible, head to the ER where Medicare will pay about ten times what you’d have to pay at a doctor’s office.

Nice ???

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