WIFEY'S Words Of Wisdom - A Nightly Event!

Wifey’s Words Of Wisdom

Believe it or not, Wifey actually talks when she’s asleep! Those of you who know her well, know she is not shy and will strike up a conversation with anyone including a sales person, a sanitation worker, a stranger in a store, etc., etc., etc.

So you won’t be surprised to know she also speaks when supposedly asleep. Here are but a few examples:

#1 We are in Alaska and it’s about 3 AM. All of a sudden, I hear (and I quote) “Hammerman Sit Down”. You realize I’m in bed next to her when this loud command issues forth. OK, if it were a once in a lifetime event, I wouldn’t really take note. But…..

#2 Asleep at home in Illinois; the following awakens me:
“You owe me $30”

Really? Thirty bucks!

For what?

When did I incur this debt?

But recently, here in Arizona, she has been even more talkative.

#3 I’m reading and Wifey has drifted off to slumberland. Sort of a not here/not deep sleep. All of a sudden I hear “I told you it hurts all over!”

I wonder what she’s talking about, but when I ask, there’s no response. In Dreamland after all.
#4 This one was really weird. I’ve related to Wifey that lately she’s been extremely talkative during the night. Most of the time it’s just mumble this, mumble that with a few words – not phrases – thrown in for good measure. Naturally, she laughs since she knows about all the other rather loud pronouncements. So when she utters forth with the following, I am laughing thinking she’s pulling my ear (or other thing!), but no Wifey is off in the dream world again. Here’s what she says:
“I really need $100,000.”

Now that I can relate to. I speak up after she makes this pronouncement and agree heartily, but alas, it was just more pillow talk.

In the following days, it’s been back to mumbldegook. If and when it gets interesting again, I’ll be sure to let you know!

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