Is Your Grandchild Perfect? Probably Not!


Such a deal, who would ever know that any grandchild could possibly exceed (place the name of one or more of your grandchildren here) in beauty, in the ability to comprehend at such an early age, in their ability to (again, select from any number of possible topics that will allow you to bore everyone around you with the antics of said wonderful child/children).

What a wonderful time I/we spent with our (son’s/daughter’s – you decide) (pick a name, any name and insert here). She/he was so engaging in (are you starting to get the idea?)

Grandchildren are indeed wonderful… you! You’ve obviously forgotten those days when one of their parents made your life miserable by not sleeping, eating, being potty-trained…………..need I say more?

Today, Wifey and I babysat our adorable grandchild here in Arizona. Yes, he is a marvelous human being, a budding sports superstar, a genius guaranteed to get into an Ivy League school, just like everyone of your grandchildren!

What we do know is that grandkids can be charming, and entertaining when toddlers, hands full when they are pre-teens and general pains in the tochas as they go through the difficult teen age years---just like their parents were, and certainly like we were when we were tykes, toddlers and general f---ups as kids.

Enjoy grandchildren; it’s one of the pleasures in life. You are responsible for them being in the world through your own kids. But the mistakes you made with your kids (and who didn’t?) do not allow you to tell your kids how to raise the next generation. You did things your way. It’s up to the next generation to mess things up in their own manner.

Grandchildren go home at the end of the day, or you go home. It’s not up to you to interject your directions into how your kids should raise their brood.

Here in Arizona amongst the land of the grandparent, we’ve heard it all.

“*** Isn’t trained yet! Why at his age, *** was not only trained, he was quoting Shakespeare”. (Sure he was)

“Look at how he throws a ****ball”, a professional to be if I’ve ever seen one”.

“Homecoming queen, is there any doubt?”

Need I say more?

It’s not often Wifey and I enter a room for an event and find ourselves among the younger people in the room. Yet it happened last week when we went to see Greg Fishman and his wife, the incomparable Judy Roberts in concert. Judy is a treasure who preforms throughout the Chicago area in summer and five nights a week in Scottsdale. If you haven’t heard her, you are missing a true treat!

In any case we went to the concert and enjoyed a comedy of errors. First the tickets were purchased by telephone. I gave my name and a credit card with Wifey’s name on it. When we got to will-call, there were no tickets in my name, but there were for Wifey if her first name was William (it’s not!).

OK, we got that straightened away. Our seats with our friends were on the aisle in row 7. There were 6 rows on the main floor, not seven. It took at least ten minutes until someone wisely added four seats for our group. And we were the youngsters there (each of us in in our 70s, go figure).
Being younger than fellow audience members was funny, and perhaps unique.

But, even so, the jazz was great.

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