Airline Travel Fun? Not In My Book!

Who says Airline travel is fun? Sure as Hell isn’t me!

Once again American Airlines has won the coveted “rudest employees” designation from frequent travelers. An award well deserved in my opinion.

About a year ago Wifey got tired of my complaining about shoulder pain from dragging a heavy carry-on bag everywhere we went, so off to Costco (such a wonderful store) she went to purchase a rolling carry-on for me. For nearly a year said travel bag has been on many a flight enjoying the views from inside the cabin.

Not today!

The B**** on our American flight insisted it was too big (it’s not) as it fits in the overhead bin flight after flight.

Not this trip.

So off to steerage it goes, the first Hammerman to travel that way in more than a century. Am I angered? More than a wee bit. Hope I get a chance to vote on the rudeness survey next year. Never thought I’d enjoy United’s service more than American but……

As any person who travels knows, domestic airline service sucks. If it isn’t the pain in the butt going through security (in a few years I won’t have to remove my shoes since my feet will be older) to the X ray machine), it’s something else.

Today Wifey’s bag had to have a special inspection. That’s what happens when you try to take salami across state lines.
At least the TSA people are pleasant (in Chicago, not in Florida, Nevada or Arizona, but that’s a story for another day).

Why is it American Airlines chooses to load from the front to the back, unlike other airlines? Some one help me with this please.

In-flight entertainment. None, so if you don’t bring our own, too bad cause your stuck with your papers, magazines or books. But please wait until the Captain turns off the devices thingee.

Want to eat something? You better have brought your own food. Me, I love to bring a corned beef sandwich along with q good garlicky pickle. That way everyone around me can enjoy that good garlic odor. And they can be jealous of the crap they bought to eat from the airline in flight menu.

Baggage is also a pain since you are charged $25 per bag unless you have that airlines credit card. We do, but it’s still q pain. One decent thing is Skycaps will put a priority tag on your bag if you are using their credit card or if you tip them generously. Then upon arrival, guaranteed your flight always manages to have the luggage sent to the claim area furthest from the place you wound want it to be.

And now for a sexist comment: In days of yore. Flight Attendants were hot chickee babes.

Not today.

One of ours could pass for your Bubbie ( if your Bubbie is an overweight bleach blond – could be) and the other your Zadie
If he’s tall, in his 50’s and has a grey Van Dyke.

I miss the old days when you could fanaticize about the stewardesses. Now who wants to?


Enough about air travel.

Movie Review. Wifey and I were watching a 60 Minutes segment on Judd Apatow last week and thought it humorous. Next thing you know we are at the theater watching and laughing a great deal at his latest effort “This is 40”. It stars his very lovely wife Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd. Making more than a token appearance are Apatow’s two daughters. Acting apparently comes natural to people in that family as both girls play their parts very well. We really enjoyed the fun and outrageous from the strange mid of Judd Apatow. Go see it!

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