I'm Grumpy Again. This Time It's About Language Misuse

I’m Grumpy Again…. What a surprise!

Just spend a minimum amount of time watching interviews on television or listen to them on radio and you’ll understand why I am so disappointed in the speaking abilities of young people today.

It makes no difference whether the interviewee is a celebrity or G-d forbid a sports personality. They all seem to be unable to complete a sentence without “you know”. If I knew, why in the Hell do you have to tell me? Why can’t you think a few moments ahead to know what message you are attempting to convey?

Last night on Sports Center, I watched members of the Chicago Bears attempt to explain why the defense collapsed in the late moments of the game. Instead of paying attention to what the individual was attempting to communicate, I found myself counting how many “you knows” would be thrown out in a single answer. Last night one player actually issued seven such “you knows” as part of a single answer and followed that with six to the next question.

Query: should there be someone who collects statistics on these utterances as well to determine who is the most unlikely to be able to communicate well?

Think about it.

Back in the day when we were of a certain age, we too had a stammer when attempting to formulate answers to questions. Some of us (never me or any of my siblings) would pause and then say “uh”. And “uh”.

Certainly some of you remember those days. In fact I can think of one individual – well educated and a leader in his community – who uses such a stammer as part of his every utterance. It’s very difficult to carry on a conversation with such a person no matter how nice he or she is. But that may be better than what today’s young adults say “like”. “Like this, like that”.

Our teachers taught us to take a moment to gather our thoughts prior to answering any question. It was excellent advice then and remains so today….you know!
Your resident arts critic wants to recommend a delightful feel good movie, exceptionally well acted that is now in theaters everywhere. I’m talking about Silver Linings Playbook. Not only are Bradley Cooper, Robert Di Nero and the rest of the cast excellent, but Jennifer Lawrence gives an Oscar winning performance. This young actress already has a nomination for best actress under her belt and at age 22, one wonders if she will be the Meryl Streep of her generation. It’s a movie worth seeing for her performance alone.

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