Romney Doesn't Get It!

Normally I stay away from writing about politics. Today is different and I have to thank the totally unaware Mitt Romney for this deviation.

How this man, so unaware, so pretentious, so privileged thought he could connect with the average American voter with his outdated ideas is beyond me. His most recent rantings on “gifts” Obama promised voters actually stunned me. Could any politician today be so out of the loop that he didn’t understand what voters really want?

Think about it.

In this election, we had unemployment sitting at nearly 8%. The economy is ever so slowly attempting to get back on track, yet Romney blames the “47%” and those who want “gifts” for his defeat. Perhaps the man should look at himself and all the mistakes he made.

During the primary season, Romney went to the right of Perry and Santorum. Until the last two weeks of the campaign, he never attempted to move towards the center. His 47% speech solidified what the public knew, Mitt didn’t care about them. When the President didn’t show up at the first debate, the door was open for Romney to take control of the race. He didn’t recognize the gift he had been given and failed to act.

Gifts in Romney’s mind include entitlements. It seems to me that over my nearly 50-year career in advertising, I paid into Social Security, year after year. As an employer, I paid even more for future benefits. These weren’t gifts, these were entitlements I paid for and am entitled to.

Romney’s running mate and Romney himself complained about those in the inner city voting for Obama. People of color are entitled to vote just like we white suburbanites. That they did so in record numbers for the President shouldn’t be a surprise. People of Latino descent also voted for their own benefit. When Romney suggested that they “self-deport”, he once again showed how clueless he is to how groups of people vote their interests.

Other “minorities” such as the LGBT community, the young who want low interest on educational loans, equality for all didn’t connect with Romney, nor did he make any attempt to connect with them.

Only misguided members of my community who became one-issue voters misread the President. Don’t believe me? Check out the comments from the State Department today on the current situation in Israel. Obama promised to have Israel’s back, and he’s keeping his pledge.

Think about it. Romney and Ryan failed to carry their own home areas and states. That’s rejection of a large scale. For a more balanced review of the election, pick up this week’s Newsweek. Especially read conservative David Frum’s take on what’s wrong with the Republican Party.

Romney just doesn’t get it. It’s not the “gifts” people want; it’s the connection to them, their individual interests and desires that motivates votes. Obscure promises of “I’ll fix that” etc. don’t cut it. People want specifics. They want to feel their elected officials connect with them.

Romney doesn’t. And didn’t!

Now for a specific recommendation. If you are like me a fan of the Rolling Stones, check out the new documentary on the 50 years of the most iconic rock and roll band. It’s on HBO and called Crossfire Hurricane. Outstanding program.

I have been privileged to see the Stones in concert three times; and if these old guys (younger than I) choose to tour again, I’ll be there. Check it out.

Another recommendation. If you haven’t read John Sandford and the Prey or Virgil Flowers novels, you are missing a great adventure. Sandford continues to provide some of the most inventive crime fiction around. Check him out.
==============================================Finally, Wifey and I saw Argo. It was good, not great. Overly long and more melodramatic then the actual story, it is worth seeing. Oscar worthy? Not so much.

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  • Mitt Romney still cannot believe he has lost to Obama. He and Ann were utterly convinced that the White House was theirs. Why? Well, to understand Romney's disturbing delusions of grandeur and superiority, and the constant lies resulting therefrom, you have to view the source of this massive Mormon fraud.

    Have a look at the complete Mormon Temple Ceremony filmed in secret by undercover video in the infamous Salt Lake Temple in Utah, earlier this year.

    Romney and his wife have attended this very ceremony in this particular temple on countless occasions. Study all aspects of the Ceremony and you will understand where there feelings of superiority and exalted arrogance come from.

    Mormonism causes great psychological harm to many of its members, including young Mormon children. Mitt and Ann are among those sadly afflicted by this Mormon illness.

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