Wifey's High School Is Reunion Happy

Wifey’s High School class is reunion happy.

Not content to have reunions on the 5s, the 1960 Omaha Central High School likes reunions. Since I’ve been with Wifey, I’ve attended three of them, only one of which was in lovely provincial Omaha. The others were in Chicago!

Seems that I missed “the Class of 60 turns 50 in San Francisco, but did attend the 60 turns 60 and the real 50th reunion in Omaha two years ago. So what’s the bit about another Chicago reunion as the 60 turns 70 celebration? And how did that lead to the opening of Hotel Hammerman?

Wifey always likes to welcome orphans of the world to our door, consequently we’ve had a few visitors recently. For the reunion, Sandy from Northern California was our first guest for Thursday night. She seemed to like the accommodations, yet failed to leave a tip for the Maid Service. Nada. Nothing!

Friday, the Class had a dinner scheduled at a restaurant in Greek town here in Chicago. This area has a multitude of fine restaurants (although I personally believe there is but one kitchen which serves most of the restaurants via conveyor belt!). Alas, with so many good choices available like The Greek Islands (probably the best of them all) Santorini, The Parthenon, and Pegasus, the committee chose Rodityis for some G-d awful reason. Ordinary would be a step up for this joint where the food was over salty and dull. The combination plate only hinted at what might be available at a better place.

Back to Hammerman Hotel, our guests for Friday were Diane and Mike, a funny couple from Denver. Diane has been a close friend of Wifey since elementary school. They laugh and giggle as if they were still there!

Seems like Mike had an issue with a piece of Wifey’s art
(Definitely hers, not mine)

When Mike awakened during the middle of the night, the night lite shined just enough light to make him greatly afeared of this image! That’s evidently the price one pays for coming to the no-cost Hammerman Hotel.

Did Mike leave a tip for housekeeping? What do you think! Wifey had to wash the bedding two days in a row and remake the bed for our next guest Marilyn of San Diego fame.

Marilyn was with us for two nights, not just one as noted on our hotel registry. Again, two nights and not a tip for housekeeping! Since I know that all of our guests do read these posts: hint, hint!

Saturday evening’s dinner was at one of the classmates beautiful homes on Lake Shore Drive overlooking Navy Pier. The view was spectacular, and since there was no formal dining the conversations covered everything. Fortunately for yours truly, two of Wifey’s local classmates hubbys were there as well. This gave us “outsiders” the opportunity to make snide comments (are there any other kind?) about the class and the attendees.

Wifey chose not to attend the next morning’s brunch since it would mean another 25 mile trip to the city…OK, we live in a northwestern suburb and it takes time to get downtown. That evening Fran and Steve –one of the other locals – invited Marilyn and us to dinner. A wonderful evening of silliness.

And now to return to the grump you expect from me.

Yesterday, a spectacular fall day with trees changing colors, (see Wifey on her bike below) we were meandering the area and found our selves along Forest View Drive, where there are million dollar plus homes adjoining the Forest Preserve where our local deer reside.

What to we see dumped along the road? Two mattresses, a coffee mug, fresh cut flowers, and a dishtowel. This is not to mention the usual crap of plastic bags, Kleenex, cigarettes and other detritious. People today have no couth!
No appreciation for the rights of others who do not want the environment junked up by what they choose to throw away.

These people are PIGS, no other word suffices. They must not want to pay the fees for collection of trash from their homes so they choose to dump crap along the side of the road.

Where were their parents to teach them manners and how to protect the environment when they were kids? Has the modern generation no thought when it comes to how we all share this planet. Don’t get me started (seems I already am) about the lack of respect for others is commonplace today.

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