Wifey Kvells, A Book Review, And Car Contest Update

Wifey Kvells, A Book Review, And Car Contest Update

Wifey is still kvelling about The Bar Mitzvah! First grandchild Brandon celebrated his coming of age with excellence last Saturday. His reading directly from the Torah covered the first half of the creation story and he did it flawlessly. Wifey has every reason to be proud of his efforts as do all the rest of us in the family, even though he alone did the work. Mom and Dad provided the wherewithal for the celebrations which followed. And siblings Geoffrey and Ashley participated as well. All in all, it was a joyous occasion and I can only hope Wifey comes down a little bit in the next three or four months.

Your arts critic has a positive review for a new book. When Robert B. Parker died over a year ago, fans of Spencer, Sunny Randall and Jesse Stone were bummed. Writers were selected to try to continue two of the series – sorry Sonny fans.

Ace Atkins first effort on behalf of Spenser devotees was modest in their approval of his first effort “Lullaby”. It wasn’t a bad book, nor was it up to Parker’s high standards. All the regular players were present and the banter between them, which made Parker so popular, were present.

Then there was Michael Brandman’s Jesse Stone novel “Killing The Blues”. Parker, it wasn’t, not by a long shot. The brooding alcoholic small town police chief was, in this reviewer’s opinion, missing in action.

So it was with trepidation that I sat down with “Fool Me Twice” (I do remember George Bush flubbing that one). Surprise! And a very pleasant one at that. Brandman nailed it. He captured the repartee unique with Parker. The book literally page-turned itself. After one day, I handed it to Wifey who likewise enjoyed the work. Parker may be dead, but his characters have life!


Car naming contest is still open for suggestions. Here are some of the entries thus far. As you review them, you’ll understand why there has been no winner to date.
Babar the Buick (she lives in LA, what do you expect?)
Goldie (how many oy vay’s do I have to endure with this
name so many of you suggested.
Bubbie if she’s a girl, Zadie if a boy,
(he should sell real estate and be well)
Hot Tottie (no comment)
OPC (self explanatory, it is a Buick after all)
Alter Kocker (from one herself)
Hammertime (he’s a Rabbi, so keep your comments private)
The Crummy Bitch (some one has anger problems)
Goldy, Golda (again and again)
Balsy or Nads (what is he thinking?)
Our Golden Gears (not to bad, but not for any car I drive)
Golden Girl or Golden Boy (need I comment?)
Opie or Oh Pee (he’s got prostate problems, hope my car
Larry after Larry King
Mitt because it is fake gold, contains a great deal of plastic, looked good in its prime and had a lot of old ideas
and is a dog as far as sportiness (OK, he’s a Democrat who apparently doesn’t care for the Republican nominee)
The Enterprise since it’s the size of an aircraft carrier.

Now, I hope you understand why there has yet to be a winner. The best one so far is Kugel, a Jewish noodle pudding…OK, this is the one I submitted and it’s still number one.

Keep the entries coming, something better is still out there.

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