Wifey Chronicles – Unbelievable and Inconceivable

Wifey Chronicles – Unbelievable and Inconceivable

For those of you who follow these pieces regularly know Wifey is a unique individual. When recently she made the statement
“ I am tired of spending money” the shock was heard round the world.


First we heard from Governor Jan Brewer who immediately pointed a finger at Wifey, yelled at her and wondered what she was thinking.

Governor Brewer next sent Sheriff Joe Arpiao out to our home to determine if Wifey or I were in Arizona legally.

Not to be out done, Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who loves to be on television, visited Wifey to protest she was being mistreated because of her felinity. And further, Wifey wasn’t earning sufficient wages from her business because she is a woman.

Enter Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, another camera lover, who complained to the Arizona legislature it had overstepped its legal responsibility in targeting Wifey simply because she wanted to stop spending money on a temporary basis.

All this noise attracted the attention of Governor Romney who praised Wifey for being a job creator even though her company is a small one.

President Obama saw this as an opportunity to have the government offer support to Wifey to spend her money, as she will as long as she was in the middle class. Should her business prosper too much, she, like others in the top 1% would have to bare more of the tax burden.

Prime Minister David Cameron inquired if Wifey extended her non-spending to the lb. Sterling as well. Prime Minister Angela Merkel wanted to know about the status of the Euro in Wifey’s future spending plans.

Then Benjamin Netanyahu needed immediate confirmation Wifey’s spending freeze did not include her promised donations to the State of Israel.

Of course, Hamas immediately objected, as did the Palestinian Authority.

Wifey was dismayed and thoroughly confused.

What to do?

Oh, what to do?

Simple, she renounced her spending freeze, grabbed Cotta and headed for the Mall.

Life has returned to normal.

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