We Have A Winner To The Name The Car Contest!

We Have A Winner

Thanks to all of you who entered the “Name The Car” contest. We had entries from all around the country, and especially when we extended the contest.

Our winner is Dave Collins of Baltimore, MD. Dave reminded us that when we were in China last year on a Viking trip, we visited the Terra Cotta warriors. Seeing them is something you never forget. And since the car will be residing in Arizona, it should have a name that fits the territory. Terra Cotta is very big in Arizona. Almost everything, except the car, is in that color. Yes, sorry to say, there is sameness in architectural style and color here in the Land of the Sun.

Dave’s suggestion was practical as well. He says that when Wifey returns from one of her many shopping trips, I should say…… (wait for it) “Welcome back Cotta”.

For this terrible pun, Dave will receive a beautiful and bountiful sampling of chochtkies with the name of Wifey’s company on them. Pens, calculators, paper pads and other junque from her cabinet of wonders. Takes your breath away doesn’t it?

So we’ve had our first adventure with Cotta. As readers of these pieces know, Wifey maintains the most dangerous places in the world are parking lots. Last evening we were at Fashion Square looking for new ways to spend money. I was pulling into a parking space, and had stopped to back up for a better angle entering a tight spot, when Bang, someone hit Cotta.

As I finished pulling into the spot he/she took off rapidly out of the parking area, Wifey has already assumed I was at fault and had hit another car just one day after registering said vehicle in Arizona. Oh contraire. It was the other driver’s fault as he/she sped off. Enter the Good Samaritans. A middle age woman with three teenage young ladies in tow had seen it all. Two of the teens chased after the offender and got his/her license plate number. Not only did they give me the number, but also included their phone number to contact as witnesses.

My original plan was to do nothing. A few more scratches on the bumper of a twelve-year-old car were not going to affect its value. But no, my son-in-law, a Scottsdale firefighter, told me that the driver might have an outstanding warrant, etc. He strongly suggested I contact the Scottsdale Police and file a report. He felt that if nothing else the driver needed to have a good talking to. So instructed, I did.

Now I wait to hear from the Police (there was no outstanding warrant and the car was registered to a young lady). As the saga continues, I’ll keep you informed – I know you can hardly wait.

As many of you know, or don’t, decorating a new abode is very tiring and time consuming. And did I say costly? However, words spoken by Wifey say it all and I quote: “I’m actually tired of spending money”. Imagine the shock! I had to sit down. But one thing I know about Wifey is that this soon will be passing and she’ll be charging forth again soon!

Is it just me, or do others thank Donald Trump is a narcissistic idiot? Just asking.

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