OPC And A Contest You Can Win

We’ve Done It Again!

How many people do you know who make a major purchase without actually seeing what they are purchasing in person? I guess Wifey and I qualify.


Last April we purchased a second home in Scottsdale, Arizona without actually having visited the property! We had seen a similar home in the development, which had the identical layout and loved it. We trusted out real estate agent – he’s been a friend for 50 years and I set him up with the love of his life (he actually married her!).

Trust, but verify.

While I didn’t use Ronald Reagan to check it out, I did use my brother Stan and his wife Cheryl who gave their enthusiastic approval. Thus verified, we took the step and love our new place1

Now, once again, we were at the mercy of a similar situation. Once again we made a major purchase without seeing the item in question.

Nephew Eli who lives in Washington, DC with his family is a “used car maven”. He really knows them and their value. He knew we were looking for a car for Arizona. He reviewed Craig’s List – Arizona and told his father (see above) to check out a true find….a 12 year old loaded Buick LeSabre with only 30,000 miles. Priced right!

Like his son, brother Stan has a life long love of automobiles. When he heard about this one, he contacted the seller. Seems like the children of a lady of 95 ½ years felt their mother should stop driving. So they put the car up for sale. Stan beat a beeline to see the car, negotiated the deal and called me with the details.

OK, it’s a true OPC. That’s an OLD PEOPLE’S CAR.

When Stan was looking for cars for us, he only looked at Buicks, Mercury Marquis, and Cadillac’s. Perfect OPCs everyone.

What are you going to do?

First Wifey and I will set the seat on the floor, as low as it can go. We are already practicing slumping down so only the tops of our heads will appear over the steering wheel.

Hardest of all is learning to wait a full 10 seconds after the light has changed before proceeding. We do it even when the people behind us blast on their horns.

What fun!

Wifey is having difficulty in driving only 20 miles per hour on the expressway, but she’s trying. So many nice people wave at her. It’s strange since they only appear to be using their middle fingers. Is this something new the kids are doing?

I have been practicing leaving my turn signal on for at least a minute. The binging noise is aggravating, but I am trying. Fortunately, we will be visiting Florida before the end of the year and both plan to take a Senior Driving Class. We will study how Floridians drive and try to bring this knowledge to Arizona. We’ve got time and will study hard.

Wifey wants to name the car. And we want your help. The car is gold with a golden interior… oy, such an OPC!


But we do want assistance in naming this elderly beauty. The winner will receive a variety of the wonderful chotskies with the name of Wifey’s company on them. Who wouldn’t want pens, memo pads, a pocket flashlite or min-calculator all with the wonderful insignia Promotional Soluttions Inc. on it.

So, don’t be shy. Send me your suggested names (Beulah the Buick won’t cut it) Winners will be notified. And vilified in a future piece. Hurry! Contest ends when we have a winner.

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