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Zingers and other crap

I’m angry! It’s not a big deal and it’s not about any major problem facing the world. One of the most popular authors of the last decade, Lee Child has sold his soul.

Child has created a unique character in thriller fiction in Jack Reacher. In each of the fourteen Reacher novels, Child has clearly described his main character as 6’5”, a hulking presence whose size and physical stature alone intimidates the bad guys.

OK, so why am I angry?

Child has sold out!

In the very first Reacher book to be made into a movie has cast Tom Cruise, that puny, far from intimidating shrimp to play Reacher. Talk about bad casting. Here are at least two better choices: Liam Neeson is 6’4” and can act, Vince Vaughn is even bigger. And we get unintimidating Tom Cruise! Yuk!

No wonder I’m pissed!

A fat Wisconsin news anchor in a small market gets an e-mail telling her she is too fat for the job she is doing. Seems she is a bad example for people who might watch her is La Crosse. Yes, La Crosse where the basic diet is whole milk and cheese. And butter. Is it any wonder that she’s overweight? Hell, she represents her market.

But no! All of a sudden it’s a big deal. Comments about bullying and other crap. All over the Internet and on television. What a great job of self-promotion? Here is an overweight news anchor stuck in a small market doing a great job of raising her awareness across the country.

Who really gives a damn?

OK, here’s my advice: lose some weight Honey if you want to get out of the small market and move to the bigger time, like Milwaukee.

Reading Tom Brokaw’s Greatest Generation and finding it hard to believe the way this country treated its African Americans, Hispanic and Asian citizens around the time of WW II. Whatever one can say about those times, things have improved for all Americans. The younger generation doesn’t see race or ethnicity the way we of the older generation did as we were growing up.

Major improvement!

So the first debate is over. Ho hum, be still my heart. This wasn’t a debate; it was two guys arguing over the points both have been making for a long time. Was there any breakthrough or memorable moment? If so, it escaped my viewing. Guess we’ll just have to wait until the Veep candidates go at it. That may actually be entertaining.

Wifey is soooo tired of the electioneering crap; she actually leaves the room when it comes on. Thank goodness we don’t live in one or the “contested” states or we’d be getting even more negative ads than we do now the Congressional races are heating up. For those of you in states like Virginia, Florida, Colorado and Ohio, it must be hell listening to all the lies and counter lies filling your airwaves. There is something to be said for living in either a solidly red or blue state.

Love the modern technology, which really puts you in touch no matter where you are on the globe. The boy child is half way around the world on a well-deserved vacation. He’s been checking in with me on a fairly regular basis via Facetime. You know: how did the White Sox do? (lousy!) College and NFL football – important stuff. And he tells me about his jungle excursions, etc. Since he’s 13 hours ahead (it may be tomorrow when he calls me – a difficult concept) yet it is as if he is in town when we speak. To think we are really only in the very beginning of what technology will have for us in the future. Instant communications from anywhere on the planet. Medical advances, interplanetary travel, new energy sources and adequate food supplies for people everywhere are now a serious possibility due to advances in science and technology.
Just think what our great grandchildren will have as part of their everyday lives.

Let’s hope they stop texting while driving so they can live that long!

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