Where Are The White Sox Fans?

Where the Hell were you?

Last night I attended a very entertaining baseball game where the Twins took the Chicago White Sox to lunch. When your pitching staff gives up 7 runs in one inning and 10 in another, you have to sit back and say: what the Hell?

Was it fun?

After a point where the Sox couldn’t field or get anyone out, it became humorous. Imagine a pitcher who earlier this year actually pitched a perfect game giving up 7 runs on 8 hits and only recording one out. Hard to fathom, yet true.

The White Sox are having a surprisingly great season and lead their division by one game. So, on a night, perfect for baseball where the temperature was in the mid 70s, where the Hell were those who call themselves fans?

Only 15,698 were in the Park.


Instead, over 30,000 show up to see the hapless Cubs lose another and another while the Sox barely get 24,000 in attendance on an average game.

Is it the party atmosphere at Wrigley? The better-looking chickee babes in their skimpy outfits? Or does Wrigley continue to be the greatest outdoor bar in town?

It can’t be the quality of baseball played on the field.

It can’t be the variety and quality of the food offered.
Wrigley is a happening. US Cellular Field is just a place where good baseball is played.

Me thinks the Sun Times had it correct the other day when they called for a new, better marketing team for the White Sox. As a former advertising agency executive who worked primarily in the marketing of intangibles, it is clear to me the White Sox have no idea on how to sell what they’ve got to offer.

The team has power – they hit more home runs then almost any other team.

They have one of the very best double play combinations in all of baseball.

They have dedicated, knowledgeable fans, although few pass thru the turnstiles.

The White Sox have a young, superior pitching staff. Yet there is a failure to communicate to the public what they are missing in not showing up at the gate

Television viewers for the White Sox far exceed those of the Cubs this year. It’s time to revamp the White Sox marketing efforts. Perhaps asking a panel of people like yours truly, active fans that have a strong marketing knowledge might be a good place to start.

Whatever! Something needs to be done or the team will continue to lose money, sell off their high-priced core players and become long time losers like their north side rivals.

For those of you so-called White Sox fans, get off you butts and buy some tickets!

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  • "Television viewers for the White Sox far exceed those of the Cubs this year." Which most columnists indicate is the point. Or you can go to a bar. In either event, you aren't paying for parking or $7.75 for a lousy beer (I'm referring to Miller Lite, which I swore off about 35 years ago as too gassy).

    I pointed out on a Cubs blog (where the poster really wanted to know about prospects) that unless the Bud Patio took out about 8000 seats, Cubs attendance is down by that much, and most of the people seen on TV were wearing SF jerseys. Your number is in accord. So, maybe the Cubs fans are starting to wise up. Anyway you can see the cleavage display (called the Bud Light Fan Cam) more efficiently on TV. Not to mention that the rooftops look pretty bare this year.

    The Sox can throw in that since they put the upper deck on top of the luxury suites in New Comiskey, you can't really see the game from there. Lowering the top and putting in the overhang really didn't change that.

    If you want to go in another, but related direction, the hosts at The Score say that outside is the worst place to watch a football game.

    What is probably needed is not so much a new marketing campaign (although "appreciate the game" is pretty weak), but a way to cash in on broadcast rights,especially given all the sponsored segments such as the Ford/BMW Drive of the Game, and the Sox going so far as having a tequila spot during the inning without any connection to a replay, catcher, etc. Again, on the Cubs' side, I thought that the "Hyundai Lead Off Man" was Hee Seop Choi, but he's been gone for 9 years. And you know that the Japanese and Korean rotating signs behind the plate (as in Milwaukee) are for some TV audience other than the local one.

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