Enough About Penn State

Can We End The Group Guilt Program?

By now everyone who reads ,watches television or listens to the radio knows there was a major problem at Penn State University.

The Administration from head football coach Joe Paterno to the university President to members of the athletic staff were all aware of the charges of child exploitation and serial child molestation perpetrated by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

They did nothing.

There is no excuse for their actions, or lack thereof.

Sandusky is in jail until the end of time. The administration at Penn State has either been fired, resigned, or will be indicted for their complicity.


To strip the university of football victories won on the field during the last 14 years is, in my opinion, stupid and inane. Penn State won those games fair and square. The members of the football teams did nothing wrong. The players represented the university as student athletes to the best of their abilities.

Should the University have acted?

Of course!

Should there have been the major overhauling of the Athletic Department?


Should the school have been fined for its participation?


Penn State will be prevented from participation in post-season football bowls for years. They won’t get the income or prestige for a program, which basically funds all the other student athletic activities.

Has the NCAA gone overboard with the entire situation?

Damn right, just like they do whenever there is something the overseer of collegiate sports finally awakes to as a problem.

Granted, I am looking at this from a self-interested point of view. While I agree that USC was wrong to pay football players (Reggie Bush, et al) for playing football while still in college, I don’t believe the punishment handed out to my alma mater (Ohio State) or to Penn State is commensurate with the misguided steps of the few.

At Ohio State, players stupidly sold memorabilia in exchange for tattoos and the coach covered it up.


And the coach paid for it, as well as did the athletic department. Coach Tressel will have a very hard time finding a job at the collegiate level again after admitting to his actions.

Once again, the university is to have its program punished including the loss of games actually won on the field. I don’t care what the NCAA says;

The Buckeyes won those games especially those against that “school up north”.

The program has been cleaned up.

Even with reduced scholarships, newspapers are already suggesting Ohio State has the best team in the conference. Just like punishing USC, the NCAA leadership has failed to diminish the facts on the field. USC has had a great program during the years of suspension and won the Pac Ten Conference championship last year…even though they didn’t get to participate in the playoffs. Me thinks the Buckeyes will do the same this year causing further embarrassment to the NCAA and its genius athletic supervisors.

Back to Penn State. The football team has been dissipated this year with the transfers of many of its star players. Future recruiting continues to be hurt, since athletes know in advance if they commit to Penn State, they won’t be playing in a bowl game.

I don’t want anyone to think there is any sympathy on my part towards Jerry Sandusky, Joe Paterno and the rest of those who covered up the scandal. Their names and reputations have been tainted forever. Sandusky will be lucky if he survives his incarceration since other prisoners have children; and have been known to exact additional punishment to child sex offenders (many have kids of their own and will not tolerate a sex offender in their midst). Sad, but true.

Penn State is an educational institution serving over 80,000 students on twenty campuses. It should not be diminished as an outstanding university due to the lack of conscience on the part of very few in the Athletic Department and University hierarchy.

I’m sure many of you will disagree.- including members of my family who think the entire football schedule should be cancelled this year …(OK, he’s a bit extreme in his views, but they are not inconsistent with many others’ feelings).

I welcome your comments,

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  • What it eventually came down to (when the trustees claimed that they had not authorized the deal with the NCAA) is that the NCAA said take this or the death penalty for 4 years. However, the NCAA wasn't going to impose the death penalty, because that would cost the other schools their income from the Penn State games to be forfeited during the next 4 years.

    Hence, it all comes down to money. However, since the NCAA has the "institutional control" rule, there was no more flagrant violation of that principle than at Penn State.

    I believe it was enough about Penn State when it announced that it would take its medicine. However, if the apologists want to keep arguing that the punishment was unfair, then they keep bringing it up, and thus it is not enough.

    After all, Penn State was supposed to be an academic institution, not Pittsburgh Steelers East.

  • Tell it to the victims.

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