It's Time For Your Media Critic

OK, I’m not Robert Feder, but do have some thoughts on recent television, movies, literature, and sporting events.

First: Television. If you haven’t seen The Newsroom, you’ve missed the best show on television. In my humble opinion, it alone is worth the price of HBO. The first years’ finale was a masterful destruction of the Tea Party and how it has damaged thoughtful individuals (really, are there any?) who might be interested in considering the Republican agenda.

The acting is superb. The writing and direction even better. You owe it to yourself to check out this magnificent program.

Movies: Last week I bemoaned the chick flick “Hope Springs” and still feel it mushy and absurb. Unfortunately, this weekend, Wifey and I saw “The Queen Of Versailles”, what a depressing flick!

A documentary, the movie tells the story of one family which has no grounding other than money and its pursuit. These are disgusting people, who one feels sorry for since they have no basic understanding of what’s important in life. Wifey claims you don’t see any emotion on the part of the woman who would be Queen, and I quite agree.

They are concerned with acquisition of material goods above all. There is no restraint, no guidance to children. No responsibility for is evident in the manner the children act. Can you imagine living in a mansion – 27,000 sq ft – and letting your dogs – too many to count – poop wherever they want. And no one picks it up!

What a depressing movie. The wife (would be queen) has implants that are disgustingly huge. She’s clearly the Trophy Wife, 30 years younger than her terribly out-of-shape flabby husband. She likes making babies (she has 7 children) but not caring for them – that’s up to the Nannies. There is no limitation on what she does for herself and in how she accumulates anything and everything. Her self-absorbed excesses sicken any thinking individual.

The couple wants to build the largest home in the United States, a 90,000 sq ft copy of Versailles, complete with ballroom, etc. It is so over the top, one must wonder what these people were thinking. The shell itself is a monstrosity!

Then, when the business begins to fail, the relationship with the husband sours as he falls into a deep depression. He cuts her off from personal interaction. We see his lack of a relationship with the one son (from a previous marriage), who sticks with his father, yet, says he and his father have only a business relationship – not a family love or caring one.
These are pathetic people!

When the housing market drops into a deep recession, (the husband is the King of the Time Share industry. So when the real estate crash of 2008 occurred, people could not make their time share payments), the Queen has to shop at Wal-Mart. Yet, even there, her excesses are uncontrollable.


I was disgusted with the people and the movie. Why not save yourself the two hours and the $18 and enjoy a pizza with your kids?

Literature: Well, maybe not literature, but certainly a humorous approach to vignettes on life as written by Simon Rich. You’ll find his works, if you want to call them that, at your local library. He writes about things like: if your girlfriend gives you some “love coupons” and then breaks up with you, are the coupons still good?

Or where are all the time travelers? If time travel is real, where are they and why haven’t they returned to undue the evil caused by Hitler or Stalin or Mao?

You’ll enjoy Rich’s warped mind, especially if you like the works of David Sedaris. They both write, “laugh out loud” stuff.

You’re welcome!

Finally, I have to say I really enjoyed the recent White Sox home stand. Six victories in a row and I was fortunate to have attended one of them. Should have taken the Saturday night game instead of the movie (above).

Don’t know if the Sox can continue their winning ways, but must say that it has been a most enjoyable season thus far!

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