We're Off To The National Parks Of Arizona and Utah

OFF TO THE NATIONAL PARKS WE GO! Last January, Wifey and I decided to take a bus tour of the National Parks in Arizona and Utah. Scheduled for May, we looked forward to visiting Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce and Zion National Parks. But lo, Wifey’s hip said “NO”. So the trip was... Read more »

Dry Heat. What A Bunch Of Crap!

Dry Heat…What a bunch of crap! For years my brother, friends, and random souls have trumpeted the weather which they love in Arizona. I’ve been told numerous times “we never have to shovel the sun”. Ha, ha! So when I ask the question, and I always do, about why these people all run away during... Read more »

Hoo Hah!

I’ve written about Wifey’s nighttime verbalizations previously so you won’t be surprised by her latest antics. It’s about 2 am, I am semi-asleep when Wifey intones” “I have a chicken.” A quick look around the bed and seeing no chicken, I wondered what her dream had been about. Dozing again and it couldn’t have been... Read more »

So Many Things On My Mind....

Returns Wifey responded to a question I had asked concerning how she spent her morning. The simple answer was that she had been to Lord & Taylor with a return. Knowing her as I do, I asked if she picked up something she’d be able to return in a few days. Thank G-d I can... Read more »


Black Lives Matter, Or Do They? A university policeman in Cincinnati shoots and kills an unarmed black man whose only crime was that he had no license plate on the front of his car and that he was unable to produce a driver’s license. Not that this is a capital offense mind you. At least... Read more »


Save Your Receipts! Every now and then it pays to save your receipts. Today Wifey and I had a play date and visited the Art Institute. We decided not to pay in excess of $30 for parking and opted to use Metra, the area commuter rail. When we got to the Northbrook train station we... Read more »


You’re Not Listening…. Yesterday I wrote that I think the Iran nuclear agreement sucks. Pretty strong language. Apparently everyone agrees. Then I had the audacity to say, since you don’t like it, what would you do. Some of the things I’ve heard include: (From Richard) “Sometimes a bad deal is worse than no deal. Iran... Read more »

OK, I Agree The Iran Agreement Sucks! Now What?

OK, I AGREE THE IRAN AGREEMENT SUCKS. NOW WHAT? I’m so tired of all the negativity regarding what I too agree is a less than acceptable agreement to curb the development of nuclear armaments by Iran. I agree. The arrangement has too many holes. Both the Israelis and Arabs are opposed to it (that may... Read more »

More From The Warped Mind Of Hammo

Just Sayin’ # 2 So the Donald is happy that Macy’s, Nascar, NBC Universal and the world are all dropping his moniker on product. Most embarrassing is the Mexican owned Chicago brewery, which was making a beer exclusively for the Chicago’s Trump Tower eateries, now refuses to supply them anymore. And in addition to co-host... Read more »

Just Sayin'

Just Sayin’ If you are a spokesperson for sexual abstinence, you should either abstain or USE A CONDOM when you fool around! Poor dumb Bristol Palin lost a very well paying endorsement and job just because she wasn’t bright enough to have whomever use a condom. Bill Maher put it best when he said; “Bristol... Read more »