Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To The Doctors We Go!

People Often Ask “How Do You Spend Your Days Now That You’ve Retired? Good question! Unfortunately we spend most of our time keeping the medical profession active and working. Let’s take last week as an example: Monday, a delightful time was spent in the dentist’s chair. Deep gum cleaning is such a great time! Tuesday,... Read more »

Technology Can Drive You Nuts!

Frustrations Caused By Technology For years I’ve had the same AOL account and password. But now I can’t get into the account on my computer. No problem accessing the address on my IPAD or IPhone, just my MAC. I’m pissed. I have a wireless hookup for the MAC but unless I physically take my laptop... Read more »

The More Things Change, The More They Don't

Back Home Again In Indiana, But We Live In Illinois Oh, but I’m in Illinois and no longer in the warm sunshine of Arizona. What’s new since we left? Does Illinois have a budget (State law requires it ibe completed in June 2015)? Nope. Have the Governor and leaders of the Assembly managed to compromise... Read more »

Buy Art On A Cruise Ship? Think Again.

THINKING ABOUT BUYING ART ON A CRUISE SHIP? THINK AGAIN! Many people we know are known to relax by cruising. It’s a great way to get a taste of a city, a country, dine exquisitely, and meet new friends and so many other good things. Beware of purchasing art on these voyages. Our experience is... Read more »


YOU CALL THESE PRESIDENTIAL CHOICES? Man oh man, am I tired of the constant political crap on television and in print. Where did all these imperfect candidates come from? Can’t we as a nation do better? The Democrats started with five candidates. Two were quickly eliminated and one is so bitter that his lack of... Read more »

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou?

Once upon a time there was a ROMEO group… (For those of you who don’t know, ROMEO stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out). We were renting in Arizona about five years ago and one of our guests wanted Wifey to meet some friends to play – what else?-maj jongg. Wifey went along with our... Read more »

I May Have Years On You, But I sure As Hell Am Not Old

Who You Callin’ Old? Wifey became very angry when we were seated at the Mexican restaurant where we dined last week. As we sat down, the waiter told us they had the Senior specials on the back of the menu. What the Hell made him think we were seniors? My thinning grey hair? Wifey’s expression?... Read more »

The Very Jewish Week - Honoring Stan & Cheryl

The Week Of Living Jewishly Oy, was it a long week! So many ethnic things, it’s hard to believe it has finally come to an end. The week began on Wednesday – OK, so it wasn’t a full week, but it was a week that was full. Farshtay? (understand?) This week was the first Annual... Read more »

Things I Learned While Traveling With Wifey To South America

Things I learned on our journey 1) Not everyone, everywhere speaks English. After trips to Europe and Central America, I thought it would be easy to find English speaking young people just like other places in the world. Definitely not the case in South America. 2) Public education is lacking in Chile, Uruguay and Argentina.... Read more »

Travels With Wifey Part 6 B

Travels With Wifey – Iguazu Falls (B) Part 6 And then it was off to Iguazu Falls. Sometimes you get bad vibes before you go somewhere. Perhaps it was the Air Traffic Controllers mini shut down at all the Argentinian airports that should have alerted us that not all was well with our world. In... Read more »