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Weight Loss Tips from ABC's The Revolution

Weight Loss Tips from ABC's The Revolution
I wished this show would have done well because it really helped me for the 6 months it was on the air in 2011.  ABCs The Revolution June 27 episode was the best show cause I got to sit in the taping of it in New York, the hero named Sarah Kiernan lost 83 lbs... Read more »

Celebrate Health and Fitness

Today marks my 1 year anniversary of joining my fitness club.  I took a picture of my first day.  I’m always motivated by seeing remarkable transformation pictures and hearing stories of real people.  I decided to put together a recap of my year of working out. I remember going to the store to try to... Read more »

Overwhelmed? begin here

If your thinking about weight loss but the mere thought of it overwhelms you.  You think about being comfortable with not changing or not complicating your life more.  You think about how you don’t have time , the money, or the energy to lose weight.  These thoughts went through my mind a lot.  I would... Read more »