Breast Cancer Awareness and empowerment at Bright Pink's Fab Fest

Breast Cancer Awareness and empowerment

I was able to participate in Bright Pink's FabFest in Chicago, IL to help with breast cancer awareness and empowerment.  Lindsay Avner (founder and ceo of Bright Pink) educated about importance of self breast exams and how Bright Pink University helps with awareness.  Lindsay said that it is education to teach women the basics and how to teach others.  The money that was raised at FabFest would go to fund that program.

Giuliana Rancic talked about the Fab-U-Wish.  She shared that when she went through cancer treatment she said to herself, "I'm not going to let this consume me.  Hair and makeup made me feel awesome."  She and Lindsay developed Fab-U-Wish so other women can feel the same.  The program started in March.   She stated that women just want to feel fabulous for the day even if it is a vacation request or meeting a celebrity.  They want to help.

They shared a story of two women going through breast cancer treatment when they were pregnant.  Through Fab-U-Wish, they gave them a much deserved baby shower after the treatment was over.  That was so moving.  They stated, "let this story of two pregnant women going through breast cancer treatment be a call to action.  Really know your body and risk.

FabFest was a well worth it experience and I hope the pictures give you a recap of the day.  I wished it was a whole weekend event but I enjoyed every moment of it. I went by myself to this event and I hope next year that some other friend's of mine would like to help raise funds for Bright Pink so we can all participate in the event. How about it?

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