Is fast food healthy due to change of menu items

Is fast food healthy due to change of menu items
is fast food healthy

Is fast food healthy?

In a previous blog post, I shared that I was a recovering fast food addict.  Since that blog post, I was approached by John Seasly, business reporter for the Medill News Service in Chicago last week to share my opinion on the question, Is fast food healthy now with menu changes?

I would love for you to check out Seasly's riveting article with my opinion on the matter; is fast food healthy?  Seasly captures the interview in a remarkable way and I am honored that he took the time to ask my opinion on the subject.

I believe fast food add extra chemicals to their foods to crave the food.  I was never satisfied with fast food but my body craved it when I was eating it every meal and every day.  I was an addiction because it was harmful to my health but I still ate it.  It was also so affordable and quick that I didn't think twice about it.

I have read articles about how your body craves certain vitamins because deficient in your body.  That craving can be driven by your mind and behavior to choose unhealthy food choices.  For example, if you think you are craving chocolate but your body really needs natural sugar from fruit.  Check out this blog post from Lauren Conrad: Foodie Facts, What your craving really telling you.

I have a friend that is vegan and she has to make sure she gets all her protein from other foods.  She has told me how she looks at different foods on how they give her what she needs so she is not deficient.  This gets me thinking about what I crave and how am I getting a variety of different vitamins from my foods.

I have read about tasting the rainbow when your planning your meals so you get different fruits and veggies.  I try to keep to a variety in my meals but it's difficult when my favorite fruits are no longer in season.  I then go for fresh frozen fruits to help me problem solve.

I would love to hear what you thought of the article from John Seasly and how do you overcome cravings.

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