Teams bond together for healthy habits week 2 recap

Teams bond together for healthy habits week 2 recap
week 2 positive affirmation

Teams bond together for healthy habits

It's encouraging to see how teams bond together for healthy habits.  I have always said that no one should be alone in this lifestyle to establish healthy habits.  In the Marathon for Healthy Habits Challenge, team members have been shouting out on the closed facebook group to check in during the week. team bond togetherteams bond together with a shout out

In my psychology classes, we learned about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. With that theory, a sense of belonging is third on the ladder. People need people. People need to feel wanted and accepted. Having individuals placed in teams, helps with that sense of belonging.

I have seen teams bond together by arranging time to text or chat on email.  I love this bonding experience.  No one should feel alone in this.  Also no one wants to let down their team either.  The group as a whole has come together to support and encourage each other.  We have 47 challengers and we can always use more people to join the challenge.  Please consider joining our teams.

Week 2 of the Marathon of Healthy Habits Challenge had the same tasks of tracking your foods, positive affirmations, 10 minutes of activity every day, and the mini challenge.  The mini challenge changes every week and this week it was to meal plan for the week and post at least one day on the Gwynspiration Facebook closed group.

When you take the time to plan ahead with your meals, you will be empowered to stay on plan.  I have planned meals for the week and things didn't work out.  It's not the end of the world if it doesn't go actually as planned but at least you were planning ahead.  I would then have a meal planned for the following day.

My grandma plans her meals and I aspire to be like her.  She then will know what to track each day and if she has something extra, she makes changes.  Life doesn't go as planned all the time but if you can control one aspect of it, then the better you will be.

The following pictures are from group and different meal plans.  Maybe you will get an idea for your next meal.mealplan4




Having this group has been a great support for me and I believe for the other challengers. I tell everyone to do what they can with participating in the facebook group. It is not a requirement and I encourage challengers to at least keep in touch with their teams. I rather have teams bond together for healthy habits than the challenger to give up.

Team total results for week 2:

Triple Sweat...............3120
Fitastic Four..............2740
Team Friendspiration.......2610
Fit Chix...................2515
From Flabulous to Fabulous.2505
Thin to Win................2395
weigh to go................2346
Waist Away.................2070
Thin It To Win It..........2030
Marathon Divas.............1949.5

All teams did well this week. I appreciate seeing teams bond together.  With that fact, I saw increases in majority of the teams' points. Two teams have a team member that is MIA and I hope they are doing alright.  There is only so much I can do with trying to connect by emails and facebook messages.  We are always here and if you focus on one healthy habit, that's something than nothing at all.  Don't give up on healthy habits.
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