Health Expo at Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital Recap

Health Expo

Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital had their first CREATION Health Expo for the staff.  The word CREATION stands for the following: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal relationships, Outlook, Nutrition.  At the health expo, each word was assigned to a table that had information to obtain or things to do.  This was very clever and I really enjoyed looking at the different tables to find out what was offered.

Here's what took place at the different tables: "Choice" tables had make your own head bands, make your own smoothie and choose to be part of a weight loss challenge.  The weight loss challenge is a way to encourage employees for wellness through healthy lifestyle choices.  The grand prize winners would receive free health insurance to one top female and one top male employee of Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital.

I appreciate a place of business that wants their staff to work on wellness by encouraging them with education and fun events.  I once had a job that wanted wellness for the whole family by encouraging relaxation breaks.

"Rest" Table had massage, eye brow threading, and makeovers.  I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage by Justyna Gomula, licensed massage therapist from Dolce Vita Day Spa in LaGrange, IL.

"Environment" table had a game to guess the smells and enter in to win the candles.

"Activity" table had Dick Pond Athletics talking about getting the correct shoe and evaluation.  They had a table to sign people up for the Chicago Marathon.  Zip Fitness was there showing people different ways to work out at home or with little equipment.  In the middle of the room, they had a Zumba group exercises going on.  I love Zumba and participated in the fun.

I was able to find out that Bolingbrook Hospital has Zumba classes opened to the staff and public.  The flyer says: Mondays 5:30-6:30pm $10.00 to drop in or $40.00 for 5 sessions.  Wednesdays express session 6:30-7pm and/or 7pm-7:30pm $5.00/session.  If you have any questions feel free to email Shailja Rice (Zumba Fitness Instructor) or call 630-312-5917

Zip Fitness did an impromptu workout instruction.  Anthony had the group do around the clock lunges and I joined in by kicking off my high heels.  I sure felt that work out.

At the health expo, I was able to talk to people about my weight loss story and hand out my blog business card.  I always say I don't sell anything, I offer inspiration to help others on my blog.

"Trust" table had group competition like trust fall, longest jump and timed sit ups.

"Interpersonal relationships" table had information about  RESET.  Tim Rodriguez from Lifetime Fitness was there to discuss about RESET.  The flyer I got from the health expo said that "reset is a movement analysis and correction system that is based upon understanding the fundamental patterns that we all share- namely the ability to sit, to stand and to walk."  They also had a photo booth and I was able to get my picture taken.

"Outlook" tables had a goal station and positive affirmations.  You were encouraged to set a small and obtainable goal.

"Nutrition" table had nutritionist offering information on what a healthy regiment is based on your body, age, and gender.

Periodically, they had a raffle drawing for the employees that came.  The baskets had wonderful relaxation, nutritional snacks and fitness items.  The health expo was such a positive environment and the array of different tables was refreshing.  I was told, by Amy  that she hopes to open this event up to the public in the future.  I would love to see that happen in Bolingbrook.

Please check out the photo gallery of the event below.
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